Thursday, December 15, 2011


November 5th, 2011 was one of the best anniversaries ever!

On our anniversary, we not only celebrated 5 years of marriage, but that very same day, I found out I was pregnant.

Funny thing, I was so sure I wasn't. Every woman knows her body. Knows how she feels when mother nature is arriving, so I was positive I was not pregnant. But since it was my anniversary and planned on drinking champagne to toast, I decided to take a pregnancy test. Usually, I stare at the pee-stick, cause I'm so anxious to know if it's a + or -, however, because I thought I wasn't, I didn't remember til later on through out the day.

When I saw the pregnancy test, I could not believe it. I loudly said "OH MY GOSH!!!!" and quickly text Gerson cause he was flying in from Atlanta that night.

It was one of the most perfect days! We went to a nice restaurant and celebrated our love & our new baby. I am currently 9 weeks and beyond happy. Gerson and I feel so blessed and we give God the glory for these beautiful blessings He gives us!

Happy Thursday everyone! ♥

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One more day is all I'm thinking right now!

I not only get to see my boo in one day, but we get to fly out and spend 5 days in San Francisco! Perfect way to reunite, don't you think?

I'm going to try my best not to be a cornball w/ this post. But first, let me tell you about two friends of ours.

I have two friends that hooked up and started dating. When I heard about it, I was so happy. I thought it would be fun to double date and hang out as couples. So we thought.

I don't even recall how long they lasted. Maybe a little bit less than a year but it was a nightmare. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but they changed so much that by the end of their relationship, I didn't know them anymore. They were jealous with each other, controlling, and isolated from everyone. As mean as this sounds, I was rooting for them to break up and eventually they did. I remember Gerson making a comment, saying "Those guys were just not meant to be...They brought the worst of each other".

You know, my relationship is no where near perfect. We too argue and disagree. Sometimes we may think we can control each other, but if Gerson has done anything these 8 years we've been together, he has brought out the best of me. He truly makes me want to be a better person. He is my number one fan... a huge support in my life ... my backbone. He lets me know where I need to improve but also builds confidence in me to do certain things. He believes in me even when I doubt myself. Gerson is a huge blessing in my life!

Hope I wasn't too much of a cheesy cornball. :) ... But I just want to encourage you to be that support that your spouse needs. Bring out the best of her/him. Encourage, inspire, and believe in them.

And if you're single, still looking for that special someone, choose wisely. If you notice that the person you're dating is only bringing you down, RUN. I believe our defects increase once we're married, so I doubt it will get better.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 DAYS - Laughter

Isn't it amazing how dependent we become of our spouses?

This time apart has made me realize that although I am independent and can manage to get lots done w/out my husband around, I still need him for certain things. Simply having him listen when I'm having a challenging day, makes my day better.

Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn't a bad day at all. It was just full of mishaps. It began w/ an incident at my job. There was a misunderstanding and no one had shown up to a middle school here in SA to speak to students about our program. So I rushed over there and ready or not spoke!

Then I went to the mall during my lunch break to buy some boots and my card was no where to be found.

Later, Gerson calls to tell me that he realized we had both paid the rent at the beginning of the month. Yes, I feel dumb telling you this, but hey, we all make mistakes. And to my defense, Gerson told me to pay the bills while he was in Dallas. He's usually the one that manages our finances but I clearly recall him asking me. Anyways, who cares, whats done is done and our complex will not refund us but put it towards Novembers rent.

After work, I hardly ever encounter traffic but yesterday was a day of horrendous traffic. I stayed in it for an hour and a half. They closed I10 cause some 18 wheeler exploded. The good thing was that Gerson, aka the walking map, got me out of it beautifully. I was so grateful and knew I should have called him sooner.

It was a long day. As I got ready to go to bed, Gerson called and asked if I could go through the mail to see if he had received a check. He was selected by his school to attend a conference in San Francisco this coming week and was mailed a stipend for his expenses.

I hate opening mail. Unless they're party invites, thank you cards, Christmas cards, or fun stuff for me, I don't bother checking the mail. That's one of Gerson's duties, shredding all the junk we receive. Nevertheless, I have been checking it since he's been gone and just pile it on the counter.

Well, I finally saw an envelope from the school and told him, I think this is it. I open it and confusingly said Sweety, this letter says you owe them $20? And we just bursted out laughing!

It felt great finishing the day with a laugh. Sometimes thats all we can do. Complaining gets us nowhere. Being mad or upset doesn't help either. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

PS. 2 MORE! 2 MORE!!! Friday is almost here! :D

3 Days - Trust

During this time apart, I've been asked if I trust Gerson.

Honestly, he has never given me a reason to doubt or question it. I am not thinking about him being unfaithful and vice versa. It's not an issue for us.

Trust is pretty vital in any relationship wouldn't you say? Although Gerson and I trust each other on fidelity, I asked myself if maybe there are areas in my relationship where I don't trust my husband.

You see, trust is not only about being faithful. It's involves many other areas of a relationship. Do you trust your spouse with your finances? How about with specific responsibilities?

I know I struggle w/ that sometimes. I will tell Gerson that I can take care of certain things, mainly cause I don't trust he will do it. Whether it's understanding that he's busy or has his mind on other things, I've realized that it's due to not trusting he can help me. Although it's silly or insignificant.

Think about it. Are there some areas in your relationship where you don't trust your spouse? I know what I need to work on. Find out if there is an area you are struggling with and take it day by towards building trust together. I believe trust is an ingredient to a fruitful and healthy relationship.

PS 3 MORE DAYS! I think my smile is only getting bigger! ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

4 Days - Opportunity

I am happy to say that in 4 days I will reunite with my handsome husband.

I really can not believe how fast time has flown. When he left I thought a month would be an eternity but I have learned a lot during our time apart.

The day he was accepted to do this away rotation we saw it as an opportunity. Mainly an opportunity for Gerson and his career. But I have also seen this as an opportunity for me. I have never lived on my own, so it's been kind of cool to have the apartment all to myself. I've also been able to not worry about cooking. I go to the gym late cause there's no one expecting me at home. I don't have to go to sleep early or even struggle w/ going to sleep due to his snoring. I pretty much feel like a single woman living on her own w/ the exception that I'm actually not single, but madly in love w/ my husband!

But what I've enjoyed the most is that I've been waking up early to spend time praying. Maybe I needed this opportunity to realize that I CAN wake up early to dedicate some time for just me and God. Thanks to Him, I have not felt alone or lonely. He's reassured me that He's in me, therefore I'm never alone.

It's been a crazy month, w/ it's ups and downs, but I remain grateful for this opportunity. Opportunities happen for a reason and we grow through them.

I am so ready to see my boo!!!!!! Let the countdown begin!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


A friend recently thanked me for never advising her to divorce her husband when they were going through marital problems.

I've never been through anything they've been through. But I did tell her that I want to believe there's a fighter spirit in me that will always fight for my marriage.

I think I've said it so many times on my blog (that you're probably tired of it) but I'll write it again, marriage is hard work. Fortunately, Gerson and I have never been anywhere near divorce. We've had our problems but both of us have overcome them. Have I wanted a break from him sometimes? Of course!! And I'm sure him from me too! But we just don't. We get through it, someway somehow. We communicate. We argue. We cry. We listen. And get through it. The good memories have always outweighed our problems.

My dad once said something so simple yet true. He said that the reason couples divorce now more than ever is because they no longer want to find a solution.

I realize all of this sounds easier said than done, but find that fighter spirit in you if you have to. Fight for your marriage. Find a solution. Don't give up until you know for sure you gave it all you could. You fought for it. There tends to be a positive pride and value when you fight for something.

I believe that there will be years in your marriage when loving your spouse may be difficult. It may lead you to believe the grass is greener on the other side, but your grass may just need a little fertilizer, some water, some rain, some mowing.

All I'm sayin' is try. Find a solution. Put your armor on. Get your hands dirty. And fight the good fight!

For my single friends, marriage is really and truly a lot of fun. But don't do it if you can't commit. If you're not ready to sacrifice. Be selfless. AlWAYS find a solution to the problem. And work hard at it. Let's just say, it ain't always pretty.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Gerson and I reminisced during dinner last night. We've been together a total of 8 years so there was a lot to remember.

He just left (yes, like JUST now) to Dallas. He'll spend the next month over there doing a rotation.

By the end of dinner Gerson and I couldn't believe all we've been through... in a good way. We agreed that our relationship has been everything but boring. I even joked that the year we fought like cats and dogs was definitely not boring! Gerson added by saying "Stressful but not boring!"

We loved reminiscing. It's good to do it once in a while. But we both agreed that we love where we are now. We've had an adventurous past and really don't know what the future holds, but we're enjoying today. And I know this month being apart will only add to our adventure. I'm just hoping it flies by!

If you haven't in a while, take the time to reminisce today. The highs, the lows, it's all part of your story.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Becoming A Better Me.

There's a Bible verse that I've always liked that says we should examine ourselves in our faith. There's another version that words it differently and says we should give ourselves regular check-ups.

One of my favorite roles in life is being a wife. I know it's not always easy... it requires a lot of hard work, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I sometimes forget what it felt like to be single, due to all the fun and blessings I've had in my marriage.

However, I think as a wife, I often have to give myself regular check-ups. Occasionally I will ask myself, Am I being a pleasant, loving, wife? or Am I being a nagging, annoying wife?

You see, after a couple of years of being with our partners, our very own defects increase. We become extremely comfortable with our spouses and although that's absolutely normal and fine, some things may not show the best of us. We sometimes think it's ok to do certain things or act a certain way because that's the way he or she met me. But it really shouldn't be ok. Just because our siblings had to put up with some of our attitudes and mess doesn't mean our spouses have to as well. As a wife (or husband), sometimes we need to put ourselves in our spouses shoes. Or see yourself w/ their eyes (metaphorically speaking) and ask yourself if you're being a loving spouse or a spouse that just complains, nags, annoys, and spends 90% of the time upset at everything.

When I got married to Gerson, I noticed that he would finish the milk, yet leave the carton in the fridge. He would finish the cereal and put the box back in the pantry. I didn't understand why. I would ask him all the time why he couldn't simply throw them in the trash. Then one day I thought that if it bothered me so much, then I just needed to throw it in the trash myself. I'm sure many wives will disagree with me, because we believe our job is to train our husbands to be cleaner and organized, just like us. But you know, I realized that it really was not that big of a deal. Gerson's a great man that simply could not remember to throw the stuff in the trash. He did so many other things great, so why did I need to dwell on that one bad thing? Do you get me? Eventually, I would just laugh and throw the empty containers in the trash. And after almost 5 yrs of being married he's actually getting better at remembering, so I really can't complain.

Giving yourself regular checkups as a husband and wife is an opportunity to improve in your marriage. It allows us to acknowledge certain deficiencies in our lives that may be making our relationships difficult, miserable, or simply boring. Ask yourself What changes can be made in my life to become a better husband or wife? Now, don't point the finger. Don't think about the changes your spouse needs to make. This is about you. We all could use some improvement.

As mentioned above, I love being a wife. I like knowing that Gerson enjoys coming home. I would hate knowing that he felt he was always walking on eggshells w/ me. Or preferred to stay at work cause he knew I would nag the minute he opened the door. I try and give my best at any role I take upon, and I often think that I never want to regret not giving my absolute best when it came to my husband & family. After all, I believe the work, effort, and love I put into my marriage is an investment that will grow full and rich for many years to come.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Before I left to Houston this past weekend, Gerson asked me to return early on Sunday.

Since it was his day off, he wanted to spend time with me before another hectic week began. He started 4th year and is in a surgery rotation once again, which means sucky hours once again.

Well, I told him that I couldn't be back too early cause I planned to brunch with my parents, but I would head back Sunday late afternoon. He said that would be fine and we left it at that.

Sunday finally came, and I not only got to see my parents, but also my wonderful sister and brother-in-law, plus two of my favorite people in the world, Elisha (6 yr old nephew) and Cat (4 yr old niece). Elisha, who now knows and understands months, weeks, days, and time, wanted to know exactly when I would be leaving. When I told him, he asked me if I would please spend the night at his house. He suggested that I wake up early the next day to head back to SA (which I have done before).

Soon after came Cat to not only ask but beg me to spend the night. Then they both told me about all the fun things we could do together. Elisha said we would watch a movie and play CandyLand. Cat said I could play with her dollhouse and all her Barbies. Are these kids cute or what?

Well, my heart wanted to stay. I hadn't seen them since May and they're big round eyes waiting for my response broke my heart. But all I kept on thinking about was Gerson wanting me back on Sunday, NOT Monday.

Gerson is a really cool husband. He would have understood. He wouldn't have been mad at all. But as his wife, I never want to abuse of his kindness. I love knowing that my husband is aware of his schedule and WANTS to spend time with me.

Honestly, being a submissive wife is not always easy. I've been guilty of rebelling, but I believe submitting can be rewarding in a marriage. It shows respect, which to many men respect and love are basically synonymous. And it's also Biblical.

Overall, I was trying to be a submissive wife. I am blessed with a good man and I don't ever want to take advantage of that. Nor do I want him to think that his words don't matter or that our quality-time together can wait. So I had to say no to Elisha and Cat. And their response was Awwwwwwww! Usually Elisha is the one to express more sadness, but Cat this time was really bummed. Which is why I grabbed my dad's IPAD showed them the calendar and set a date with them when we can all spend the night, including their Tio Gerson, and do everything they said we would.

Can't wait to see these cuties once again!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Building A Family.

This weekend I did something I had wanted to do in a while.

I drove to Houston and stayed with my great-grandmother to spend time with her and kind of interview her. I wanted her to tell me about her childhood, her love story, and how she moved to the States from Mexico. I knew some, but I wanted to record them to eventually type and print it for my children.

Ever since Gerson and I got into baby-planning mode, we're so interested in knowing more about our family's background. A good friend of mine once told me that entering marriage was like two aliens from two different planets arriving to a new planet.

Gerson and I come from two different countries, culture, and families, so it definitely felt like that for a bit. Although sometimes there was confusion and conflict because of things being done the way my family does it, or the way I was raised, we've learned to not only embrace but love each others culture. We have decided to include the things we liked from our previous planet into our new planet ... And the things we don't want, we just don't include.

Which is why I needed to meet with my great-grandmother. There is so much of her in me. All of her stories just made me think how God watched over her and my great-grandfather all these years to build what is now my beautiful family.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do this. I'm grateful that my parents had the wisdom to guide, teach, direct, and correct us. I'm also grateful that my in-laws raised such a good man. Now more than ever do I understand that even the decisions I make right now can affect my children ... and maybe even my grandchildren.


Saturday, July 9, 2011



Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Years Down & One More To Go!

Gerson finished 3rd yr of medical school today!!

I can’t help it. Since Monday, I’ve been remembering it all… when I opened his acceptance letter to medical school (He asked me to, cause he was working), the move to San Antonio, First year… Second year … and now Third year.

It’s really been an adventurous ride! We’ve had our ups and downs. There have been some months that felt like an eternity, and others that flew by quickly. Regardless, God has been good, even through the challenging months.

Unfortunately,instability has been part of this journey. I don’t know exactly what’s to come, but I want to continue enjoying the present. It’s great seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (from medical school), but I know this transition will soon come to an end. And the next phase will come.

So I’m going to celebrate along with Gerson the end of 3rd year of this challenging transition. It’s still not the end of 4th year,aka GRADUATION DAY, but 3 years is an accomplishment. Before, I just wanted this to be over with because of our battles and struggles. But if anything, even those times had a purpose. They made us stronger as individuals and in our marriage. We learned from those mistakes and moved forward.

I encourage you to enjoy your current phase too! Life is too short to dwell on the bad things or bad times.

Enjoy your spouse and your family today. Enjoy your baby while he/she's little. Enjoy your marriage while it’s new. Enjoy your 30 years with your spouse. Enjoy your teens. Enjoy your singlehood while your single. Enjoy your weeks of dating/courting. Enjoy college. Enjoy your engagement & wedding planning. Enjoy your pregnancy. Enjoy your promotion. ENJOY TODAY!


Friday, June 10, 2011


This week I found a bag full of old pictures and came across the picture below. It was taken about 9 yrs ago.

Gerson and I were in college, just friends not a couple. I had heard that the Dallas Mavericks were playing the Houston Rockets, my team at the time, so we decided to go to the game. My girlfriends and I even wore the Rocket's colors (red, white, and blue) to show support.

I had to laugh when I saw the picture because if you know me now, I'm a hardcore Mavericks fan! I don't know exactly when or how it happened, but I know it had to do with Gerson.

Have you ever noticed how someway or somehow your partner begins to have a huge influence on your life, positive and/or negative. He/she begins to inspire you. They become contagious!

Marriage changed me in many ways. Maybe before I thought it was silly, but now I find it inevitable. It's not that I've become somebody else, but Gerson has had a huge influence on my life.

Can you think of all the things you love and do now thanks to your spouse? I can think of many! And quite frankly, I like who I've become as a married woman.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Something funny happened last week.

One of my coworkers happened to be one of Gerson’s patients. She had no idea, but when he saw she worked with my employer he asked if she knew me.

My coworker did not know that Gerson was a full-time medical student. Once she arrived at work, she came to tell me that she had met him and her only thought was “Lucky her, she married a doctor!” Other coworkers also found out, so then the obvious comment was mentioned, “You are going to have a lot of money someday” Believe it or not, I get told this (in different forms) all the time. Really, ALL the time!

But the truth is we actually may not have a lot of money someday. Something can change. The economy… doctor’s salaries… managing our finances irresponsibly… ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

I guess I was having a really good day, cause my response was Maybe, but I’m broke now, yet so happy, so as long as he continues to love me I’ll be good.

I realize money does give a temporary happiness, but I never want it to define nor break my marriage. Although we have had our financial high & lows, I’m kind of proud that we remain crazy in love although our finances took a twirl when we moved to SA.

Everyone handles money differently. Normally, there’s a spender and a saver in each relationship. This is why arguing about money is extremely common. What’s sad is that many times marriages divorce due to financial struggles.

Here are two things I’ve learned through my financial ups and downs. First, MONEY COMES AND MONEY GOES. A very common saying but very true. When my dad had a heart attack I did not care what I had to pay to get him well. All I wanted was he with me on earth.

Second lesson is one that changed my life. It is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, class. A lot of people think that Dave Ramsey is all about getting out of debt, but it’s more than that. It’s a financial plan that teaches you to become debt free,live within your means (on a budget), invest to build wealth, and GIVE; give to your family, to your church, to organizations, to the poor etc!

Those two, allowed me to understand that arguing about a piece of paper called money was simply not worth it. I’m beyond blessed whether I have millions of dollars or not. God has given me so much including things that money can't buy.

If you find yourself arguing often about your finances I encourage you to take Dave Ramsey's class. Living on a budget is no where near easy but it gives you a smart financial mission in your relationship. You won’t regret taking this class. It will change you!
Also, begin to count your blessings. Many people don’t even have a roof over their head or food to eat. Reflect and remember that you’re already blessed with or without the IPAD2!

And who knows I may have a lot money someday. But it may be through my career or Ramsey's brilliant plan. Only God knows. What I do know is that money just can't buy me love! ♥

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ferry Rides.

Have I ever told you about my fabulous honeymoon??

Since I couldn't decide on a snowy-cuddly honeymoon or a beachy-paradisiacal one, Gerson booked us both; 7 days in Vail, Colorado and from there flew to the Mexican Riviera for 7 more days. It was the best trip I have ever taken!

However, while we were in Mexico, we took a ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel. We wanted to spend a whole day in Cozumel, so we bought 2 tickets for the earliest ferry and 2 more for the latest. \

As we rode the ferry, I began to feel extremely nauseous. Shortly after so did Gerson. The 30 minute ferry ride had affected us both with motion sickness.

It kind of ruined our morning. I mean seriously, who wants to hug and kiss someone that just vomit? Not me! But as the hours passed we forgot about it and enjoyed Cozumel. That night when it was time to get back on the boat, the motion sickness continued, and our night was kind of ruined as well. It was quite traumatic.

Anytime we would take a whole different trip in a complete different city, country, and even continent, if there was a boat or ferry involved we would enter the ship afraid of getting sick. Funny thing is that never again did we suffer seasickness.

Sometimes, in relationships we act the same way Gerson and I do with boat rides. We tend to think that every relationship is going to be exactly the same as the previous one. We expect our current partner to be as funny and charming just as the ex. Or some of us could have had a traumatic experience, such as my ferry ride, that we think every single relationship will conclude in betrayal.

Each relationship and experience is different.Relationships require compromising and adjusting. Besides absolutely no one, especially men, like to be compared with an ex or any other man. I'm really hoping that if you're married, you are not comparing your spouse to ANYBODY! (Yes ladies, not even comparing him to your dad!)

The motionsickness has not stopped Gerson & I from ferry rides. Yes, we may feel unsure at times, but we get on hoping for the best. I encourage you to embrace the difference and learn from it. Make it a goal to work towards a healthy relationship.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey guys!

Sorry for disappearing for a while! I have no excuse what-so-ever!

I've had some ups and downs these months. A lot of stress going on in my workplace which makes me not even want to open my computer when I get home, hence, no blogs. But I STILL love my job! I'm blessed to do what I do and I wouldn't change it. Work can be stressful, and it's ok.

Gerson and I are doing great. Getting through his adventurous rotations. Never underestimate a medical student's life, because it is indeed adventurous! He finished his general surgery rotation in April with not just a perfect 100 from the doctor's evaluation, but a straight A from his final exam! He's definitely my sexy nerd.

April was a busy month. If you've never visited San Antonio during Fiesta week, you should put it on your list. Fiesta is a week of parades, parties, carnivals, and a whole lot of fiesta-ing! It was our first time going to some of their events and it was extremely entertaining. Then I had my wisdom teeth taken out which was a painful nauseating experience. Following we celebrated Easter and finished the month with my mom's 50th birthday.

Gerson's current rotation is pediatrics. We're both hoping he learns something about babies!

Well, I just wanted to take the time to say that I have not stopped blogging. I'm still writing! I looked at the calendar today and couldn't believe we were in the month of May.

I encourage you to continue fulfilling all those resolutions you set at the beginning of the year. Set a plan if you have to. Practice your discipline to accomplish certain goals. There's still time for whatever it is you want to do!

Also, don't hate on people. Even if you have haters, don't focus on that. There's no reason to be envious or jealous of what others have obtained. Look at your life, count YOUR blessings. If you don't like something then change it. The power is within you to change it! If you start comparing yourself to others and try to "beat" what they have done, you are only limiting yourself. Some goals just require a little bit more work than others. Keep working, continue believing, and don't lose your faith!

Just some thoughts I had on my mind... I'll be posting some blogs these next weeks. Sorry for the MIA, hopefully it won't happen again.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marriage is HARD work!

Surprisingly, the other day I made a delicious, spicy, salsa!

I text Gerson super excited about my salsa and asked him to stop at HEB for tortilla chips and milk. We always have those two ingredients and had run out.

When Gerson got home w/ the chips and milk, two things we always have in our pantry and fridge, I realized they looked a bit different from the ones I usually buy.

Can you see the difference? I always buy Mission Tortilla Triangle Chips. When I say always, it's always! Those are my favorite. Now, the soy milk, we usually buy whichever is on sale, but always buy LIGHT (for me).

Gerson saw the Tia Rosa's brown bag and thought "Yup those are the ones we buy!" And I know he bought the Silk's Omega-3 soy milk because Gerson cares more about getting enough vitamins through out the day than drinking less calories.

This is how different we are. With even the slightest and smallest things, we are different. I'm detailed in some areas such as brands and he's detailed in health/nutrition areas.

After almost 5 years of marriage, I can tell you that the single life was much easier than the married one. I love my husband with all I am. I have absolutely no regrets of the commitment I've made with him. However, in my opinion, marriage has required a lot of hard work. I've told you about my difficult days of being
the understanding wife, we don't always agree on everything, and his career has demanded me to accept instability in our lives. There's been different stages in the 5 years that have made our marriage challenging. I hope I'm not sounding pessimistic, but I'm being honest. We are two different people that love each other more than other human being on this planet, but simply can't always agree on everything.

Our differences are the beauty of marriage. It's what makes Gerson and I a marriage. It's not perfect, it's not always pretty, but it's our commitment that keeps us together. The love and respect we have for each other has allowed us to continue growing, continue sparkling, continue moving. And all the good has outweighed the "bad" completely!

So for all my single friends, ENJOY IT! Enjoy this stage of your life. Enjoy the present. Don't dwell on being single. ENJOY IT! Love will come your way, if it's something you're desiring, I believe it will.

And for all my married peep, I feel you on your challenging days! But remember that your hard work in marriage is not in vain. Your effort is an investment of many more happy years with the love of your life. It's a big savings account of love! Always be prepared to work at it, find a solution, fight for your spouse if you have to, conquer her back if you have to, enjoy the vacations, the laughter, the joy that marriage brings. It's worth it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Make it Fun!

Gerson and I are addicted to the phone game Words w/ Friends.

The bad thing is that I could beat almost everybody but Gerson. Finally, several weeks ago I won (and celebrated!).

So this past week we said that whoever won the first two games would receive a present. I asked for a lipstick and he asked for ITunes gift card.

First game Gerson won. Second game I won. Third game I resigned cause he was over 100 points ahead of me and I only had a few letters left. I knew I wasn't going to win. Well last night I get home to this

Super sweet!

I like having fun in my marriage. Being married doesn't mean the fun is over. Boring days are acceptable. We have weeks or months that go by and we do the usual: RedBox and Dinner. But there are other weeks that we enjoy doing silly and fun things. When we lived in Dallas we would plan a monthly date to an exotic restaurant that served different foreign cuisine. We would take turns and I loved planning the date as much as wondering where he was taking me.

It's good to get out of your little nest of love and do something different once in a while. What kinds of activities are you doing to make your relationship fun and special?

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Might Just Need A Hand...

A friend told me an incredible story this past week.

Her husband is a pastor and travels on a weekly basis. He was boarding the plane to get to his destination. He sat a row away from an older American couple.

Entering the plane came a tall African American man. He was dressed very casual, with a hoody, jeans, and headphones. His seat was numbered right next to the older couple. As he got comfortable, my friend's husband realized that the couple did not look too happy having this man sit next to them.

Then he hears the older man ask the African American if he mind moving to the back of the plane because they were expecting someone and preferred to have him sit next to them. The African American replied "Sure." And walked to the back of the plane.

The plane takes off and the pastor realized that the older couple had nobody sitting next to them. They had lied. Besides, he said that it was very obvious the older couple did not want the African American sitting next to them.

During the flight, the pastor notices that the older man begins to have a heart attack. The flight attendant asks over the intercom if anybody on the flight is a doctor.

Can you guess who rushed down the aisle to save the man??

You've guessed right! The African American is a physician and literally saved the man's life.

I didn't write this to bash on the old couple. None of us really know the reason why they didn't want the man sitting next to them. All I want to convey is that we love one another. That we don't judge easily or think we're better than somebody because of the color of our skin or cause of the things we possess. One day you might just need a hand from the person you least expect.

Friday, March 18, 2011


My random thought for this busy Friday is simply a big kudos to my husband.

Throughout 3rd year rotations, the medical students are evaluated or graded at the end of the rotation by the doctor. So performance is big for all of them. And although they do have a final exam for each rotation, their evaluation counts as a pretty big percentage for their final grade.

So Gerson shared with me this week that his grade for his General Surgery rotation, given by the doctor is a PERFECT 100!

Then Gerson's teammates asked him how he did, and thinking that the doctor had been lenient and had given everyone a 100, he shared his grade, and found out that absolutely nobody got a perfect score (not even close!). Plus, the doctor wrote great stuff about Gerson on the evaluation and didn't even bother to make any comments on anybody else's.

These are great news! I'm so very proud of my boo!


Monday, March 7, 2011


I chat online and on the phone w/ my twin a lot.

Today I asked her if she was excited about leaving to El Salvador (w/ her church to build a well in a town that needs clean water) this weekend.

She said she was but hated leaving her husband Lalo. Lalo,however, told her that although he was a bit jealous, he knew that a part of him was going. And my response to that was, "It's true Ari! A part of him is going!"

In my wedding vows, I told Gerson that my dreams were only getting bigger because his dreams were also becoming my dreams. I was excited and ready to share my life with his. I was ready to become as the Bible put it, ONE.

Fifteen days later, after our amazing honeymoon, I discovered that I had married a guy with probably $10,000 worth of credit card debt.

I couldn't understand how could someone with a decent salary owe so much money. WHY was the question I asked him over and over. WHY did he get into so much debt? WHY did he never tell me about it? WHY would he charge such things? WHY? WHY? WHY?

After literally crying and dwelling on it for some days, I decided to get over it! I realized that I was now a part of him, and not only would his amazing dreams become my dreams but his horrible debt would be mine as well.

Maybe what he needed was a woman like me to help him get rid of it, but I don't want to give myself too much credit. ;)

The point is that in a marriage you ARE as many like to call it, the other half. It's not only the good part that you should take from your spouse, but the bad too. Many times we have the habit of only taking the good because we refuse to accept our spouses' mistakes. I could have most definitely had the attitude of It's YOUR debt, so YOU pay it! But when I accepted that the debt was also mine, although I hadn't used any credit cards, I got my butt to work to help him pay them off.

I see Gerson & I as one. Is it easy? Of course not. But this is why I am here, to be his ideal help.

I believe in a marriage, we're going to screw up many times, but when we understand that it's not just me living my life, but together living this life, we're going to prosper much more.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Random Thought!

Sorry I haven't written much, but I do have many notes written that I have pending to share with you. Hopefully I can get to them soon.

Funniest thing happen to me yesterday. Out of the blue, in a matter of hours, I started to feel extremely sick. It began with aches all over my body. Thinking it was something minor, I called different spas to look for a masseuse that could see me that night. (Which I had no luck)

Shortly after, I began to shiver with chills and then became very nauseous. So I texted Gerson to tell him I wasn't feeling well. Immediately, he texted that he would come home to bring me some medicine and soup. I thought it was sweet because he was at the library studying for an exam.

He then calls to tell me that his Jeep would not turn on. And he had tried to find help but it seemed I was going to have to drive to his school to help him. Because I had chills I wore my parka coat, and with all that I could I drove myself to the library. It was one of the hardest things to do.

To enter his school you first have to go through security. My eyeliner was all smeared plus I was wearing a huge parka in 70 degree weather. I swear the security thought I was some pyscho ready to do something crazy! But I took a deep breath and explained my reason to attempting to enter the school.

Gerson, quickly used my car to give his a jump-start. It worked and we drove to the closest CVS by our apt. I waited in the car (and he left his on) while he ran to the store to buy me some meds.

We got home, he took my temperature to find that I did have fever. I took the thermaflu, got into bed by 7:30pm and crashed out! Through out the night, he checked on me to make sure I was getting better.

Although it was difficult to rescue Gerson, I did my best to get there. And he took immediate action to help me feel better. I loved that we both took action to attend and help each other.

It's not always easy to fully help your partner when you're under a lot of pressure or when you're feeling super sick. But I've got to say, Gerson and I did some great team work last night! :)


Friday, February 25, 2011


I just spent a little over four hours on the road (headed to Dallas) talking to my man.

Topics Discussed

*Beyonce and her songs
*The affect on US alliance with Colombia
*A war is a war which lead to...
-Mexico's current violence
-Egypt's Revolution
-The history of Ireland
*Discussed a little about Gadhafi...then Chavez (Venezuela's dictator)
*The empowerment of Women
*Jesus and the Cross
*Our relationship with God
*Waking up with a purpose
*Medicine...mostly the cases he's been seeing @ the hospital
*Pregnancy and babies

And then we began to listen to some of Gerson's podcasts.

I love being able to talk about anything with my husband. Besides talking, I love listening and learning from Gerson. The only reason I can actually have a conversation about the improvement and growth of Colombia is because Gerson has talked to me about it before. So I've listened and learned from him.

Communicate.Listen.Learn.... My random thought for today.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Step... Another Milestone

I celebrated a birthday 2 days ago. 28 years of life to be exact!

I'm very excited for this new year cause Gerson and I have a lot of changes coming up.

In life, we come to a point when we're ready for change. Whether it's in your career or job, also in your physical or health; often in your finances. But something begins to bug us for that next step. I believe it's just the way God created us.

Gerson and I dated for a couple of years before getting engaged. But I remember the year he proposed, we were both ready for that next step. My close friends can back me up on this, I would always say I wanted to get married in my late twenties or early thirties.

But I didn't wait that long because after those two years of dating, we both knew we were ready for a change. I needed it in my relationship with Gerson.

In a relationship, those "next steps" exist too. Sometimes, there are harder because it's two of you making a decision to stay where you are or initiate the next milestone. However, when you both come to an agreement it's exciting!

All this to say, that Gerson and I are ready for the next step... THE BABY STEP! No, I am not pregnant, but we want to begin planning, preparing, and try to have a baby.

We will be celebrating 5 years of marriage this November and have had a hell of a ride! I always wanted to enjoy my marriage so I have no regrets of waiting this many years.

We have been told that we're getting old, and although that may be true, I don't think we're too old to have babies. (My personal opinion)

We've been told that we are selfish. And yes, I accept that. We were being selfish. We wanted to enjoy our marriage and each other first. And we have.

We wanted to travel without children first. In 5 years we went to Playa del Carmen-Mexico, Vail-Colorado, Paris-France, London-England, Brugge-Belgium, Zurich-Switzerland, Rome & Venice-Italy, Chicago-Illinois, New York, Tx Hill Country, Cartagena-Colombia, Dubrovnik, Split, & Hvar Island-Croatia, Las Cruces-New Mexico and hopefully a few more places this year. (WE LOVE TO TRAVEL!)

Many of the plans we made, before having children, we've been able to accomplish. And honestly, it's a great feeling!

Now, I'm excited for this new milestone in our lives. Although, just like marriage or any new change, you're never fully ready or prepared, but somehow you know it's time.

We also know that it may take longer than expected and we're simply trusting God. We have peace about it all.

And as my close friend said after having her baby "Parents say your life will change after having a baby and you think you know, but you really have NO idea!" ;) .... I'm EXCITED!

Friday, February 18, 2011



I've been posting Friday's Random Thoughts because random is part of who I am. I constantly do and ask the most random things. By now, my husband's use to it, but there are others who are not. :)

My random thought of today is a question:


Unfortunately (or fortunately), that never happened to me. But knowing me, I would probably laugh, tease him, and enjoy the date. I don't think that would push me into putting an X on the guy. Those kinds of subjects are a bit meaningless to me. I suck at cutting and using coupons, so maybe I would actually like it!

However, I do believe that after being with a person for several years that your defects and imperfections naturally "shine" or increase. So I wouldn't like my husband to take me out to the places that only accept coupons.

What would you think? Big deal? Turn off? Or not? ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011


I want to wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Whatever it is you're doing, I hope you have a great one!

We definitely do not need one specific day to love one another, so remember to spread the love not only today, but everyday.

As mentioned before, Gerson is quite a romantic. He's written me several poems and love letters that literally bring tears to my eyes. I'm going to share one of the first poems he wrote to me on our first Valentine's Day together as a couple. (FYI, I do have his permission to share it)
We were actually going to have this poem printed on our wedding invitations, but it was kind of too long.... Enjoy! And have a LOVE-ly day!!!

The day I found you
I found more than a beautiful woman
More than charming smiles lighting up my days
I found more than a girlfriend or a best friend
I found more than someone I can share my life, my dreams, and my hopes
Someone I can have long conversations where the least important thing is what is being said
Or go and discover new places but still come back to the same old ones
And tell new jokes but still laugh harder every time we remember the "only one"
That day I found more than moments full of romance and delicate caresses
I found more than beauty, kisses, perfect hands or kissable cheeks
I found more than many "te quiero mucho"over and over again
That day I found more than what I asked for

The day I found you, I found love. - Gerson O. Pineda 2/14/04

Friday, February 11, 2011


Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays (Yes, it's a holiday!). I've never needed a boyfriend or husband to celebrate it. My mom would buy us cards and candies, and as we got older, my sisters were my valentines. We would plan a date and have dinner.

But once I met Gerson, and he discovered it was one of my favorite days, he ALWAYS made it extra special. Just thinking about every Valentine's day together puts a smile on my face. On our first Valentines as a married couple, I suggested that I plan something special since he had done it for the 3 years we dated. And after that, we began to take turns. One year he plans, the next I do. It's pretty fun!

Well, I'm telling you this because it is my turn this year and I have absolutely nothing planned! I've been so busy with different projects and work, that I haven't made the time to plan anything. Because Gerson has his 24 hour shift on the 14th, we will be celebrating it on the 16th, which gives me a few more days.

Any ideas? I have some, but could use more.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mingle w/ the Single!

I recently told a friend, that if I were currently single, at 27, and wanted to be in a relationship, I would definitely and often be going out on dates. Not in a slutty or hootchie way, but I would want to meet the different guys that are out there.

I think sometimes we know exactly what we want and are not willing to settle for less. To a point, I support that mentality. However, when I met Gerson, he was not what I thought I wanted in a guy. He was at seminary school, a valet parker, driving an old Nissan Sentra, with very little in his bank account.

When I got to know him, I realized I liked many things about him. Besides all the chemistry, what I loved about him was his drive and passion for life. I had always been pretty ambitious, but to meet a guy that had bigger dreams than mine was very attractive to me.

If I would have stuck with my type, I can guarantee you that I would have never gotten to know all that I love about Gerson. I'm so glad that I answered his phone calls. And even more glad that I actually went out with him (as friends first). I was only 20 years old and did it for the pure purpose of wanting to get out of my dorm. I didn't have a car and was desperate to go out! But I'm glad I did because I got to know him. I remember after months of being friends, I looked at him and thought to myself, "He's actually not that bad, he's kind of cute." Seven years later, I think he's the sexiest man walking Earth!

(I also accepted going out with this other guy, and did it for that same reason of just getting out of my dorm, and had the most horrible time, so of course I never went out with him again.)

I encourage you to get out of your box, your usual groups/gatherings, your type, your comfort zone, and mingle with the single! I'm not supporting making out, sleeping around, and getting a bad reputation (or a STD) for yourself. Simply consider that the person who is pursuing you may have great qualities that you will not know unless you accept a date (or two!).

Friday, February 4, 2011


Since the majority of Americans are hibernating, I thought I would share some of my favorite romantic movies that you could watch and cuddle w/ your loved one, or with girl/boy friend, or a friend, and even by yourself in bed w/ some chow mein (Yes I've done that!).

I actually watched one yesterday and loved it! Going the Distance, it's at your Red Box and I'm actually watching it AGAIN as I blog (You know, to get my $1.08 worth). It does have a lot of cursing, so if that annoys you definitely don't watch cause you won't like it. But it reminded me of when Gerson and I had a long distance relationship and how much it sucked! But you do what you can to make it work :) ...

* NoteBook
of course is another awesome movie! The tearjerker of all times.

* Gladiator is one of my faves. And although it's not under the romantic genres, it's a great movie with a love story!

* Knocked Up
hilarious and romantic!

* Love Actually is perfect during this cold weather.

* Click is one of my favorite movies. Not only because it makes me cry every single time, but also because it reminds me to appreciate life and our loved ones.

* Bridget Jones Diary

* While You Were Sleeping

* Never Been Kissed

* PS I Love You

* The Wedding Singer I love Drew Barrymore!

These are all movies I can watch over and over... What are some of your favorite movies??

Monday, January 31, 2011

Know Your Qualities

A while back I was with some of my girlfriends who I basically consider sisters.

We are all beautiful,but one of my girlfriends is stunningly gorgeous. We told her that her husband must love to have her by his side and feel good that his wife is HOT!

Then a friend said, "My husband loves that I'm smart." And I have to agree with her husband, she is indeed very smart.

Another friend said, "My husband loves that I'm so into my career. He loves that I'm knowledgeable and is always proud to introduce me to people for that matter. He says I'm his celebrity! "

I never got to tell them what Gerson loves about me, but he loves that I'm a happy person. He often tells me that there's nothing like working a 14hr shift and coming home to a wife that's smiling and happy to see him. And I have to say that I'm always VERY happy to see him!

What I enjoyed from these women was that they knew exactly what they were good at and it was apparent that their husbands did too.

Men love a confident woman (and vice versa). Not conceited, but confident. A woman who knows her qualities. Many women (and men) struggle with acknowledging their talents and gifts. Many do not even know how to simply take a compliment. Whether you're in a relationship or single,that can be a huge turn off. There is something about confidence that shines in a person.

As a teenager I did not love myself. I didn't even know what I was good at. The day I made the choice to love myself and to discover the purpose God had for me on this planet, I realized that I had many qualities. I learned that when someone complimented me it was okay to accept and reply with a thank you.

Now that I'm married, I know and see that Gerson absolutely loves when I know exactly what I'm good at. He loves my confidence! I may not be the best cook, but I make amazing sandwiches. I work great with people,especially teenagers. I have a heart for families who are trying to excel and break the vicious cycle. I love to communicate in different forms, by my writing, speaking, PR etc and know that I do a great job at it! I love my eyes and Gerson loves them too. I may not be size 0 but I've learned to embrace my curves and work at being healthy not skinny.

What are your qualities? What do you love about yourself? What does your husband or wife love about you?

Know what you're good at and even what you're not good at. If you don't know, begin to discover them. Make it a goal to KNOW YOUR QUALITIES! And be proud of them! There's only one YOU on this planet and those qualities (and defects) make YOU unique. Love yourself and allow not only your partner to acknowledge your talents, but others too.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Random Thought!

Many people have a hard time defining LOVE. Some think it's an emotion. It's a person. It's a feeling. It's butterflies in your stomach. It's a song. It's romance. It's intimacy. And the list goes on.

I believe love is a choice. I've chosen to love. And this choice (love) then can produce sparks, butterflies, romance, feelings, emotions etc.

Love can be one of the most beautiful yet difficult choices you make.

Through thick and thin... for richer or poorer... til death do us part ♥

If you haven't already, check out this video.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I often hear that a happy wife is a happy life, but I think that a happy wife + a happy husband = a MUCH happier life!

About two years ago, I learned some marital advice that changed my life (and marriage). It was my sister's bridal shower and her mother-in-law advised her that we should daily think “what can I do today to make my spouse happy?” She said that in a marriage we should seek the happiness of our spouse,and not constantly think about what I want or what I feel. Love is selfless not selfish.

Little did she know that I was going through some hard times in my marriage. Gerson and I had recently moved to San Antonio. After several months, neither of us could adapt to our new roles. Gerson had always worked hard for his money and had to accept that his wife would financially support him. And I had always been financially supported by my parents then husband, and had to start looking for a job that paid enough for our expenses.
Money wasn’t the biggest issue. I believe that the main issue was accepting our new roles. Although we sometimes argued about money (which I will one day blog about "no longer arguing about a piece of paper called MONEY"), without knowing, our arguments were because we couldn’t adapt or accept the roles we had taken upon.

Gerson and I never stopped loving each other through out that year, we had some good times, but when we would lose focus, we would get into some bad discussions.

One day Gerson, being the romantic man he is, told me that he lived to make me happy. Coincidentally, I remembered the advice given to my sister. So I told Gerson, "let's try and live to make each other happy!" He looked confused. But after I explained to him, he thought we could give it try.

It's been over a year, that we try daily to live and love each other selflessly. We think about how we can make each other happy day by day. It's daily, not one day or someday, but TODAY!

I'm often asked "You and Gerson act like bf & gf, what do you do to keep the sparks in your marriage?" Well, this is it! LOVING SELFLESSLY! It has helped our marriage very much. We overcame that tough year, and the reason is because we have decided to love without thinking about ME, ME, ME, but instead we think about one another. This is why Gerson often surprises me with gifts, cooks for us, helps me out w/ cleaning, etc Cause he's thinking about me. And I don't work 50 hrs a week feeling sorry for myself or feeling mad, but because I do it for Gerson and for our future. When you think about making someone else happy, you can't be disappointed, because you're not thinking about your happiness.

Why don't you ask yourself :
"What can I do TODAY to make ______________ happy?"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Bikini vs The Granny Panty

I was at Target the other day.

I was browsing in the sleepwear/intimate section and saw a young couple near the panties section. From what I heard and saw, I made my assumptions. I believe they were married cause they both had rings and they seemed like a very ordinary, slender, couple in their late 20's or early 30's.

The woman was trying to decide on what underwear to buy. She was looking at the packaged ones, that usually come around 6 in one pack. She would pick a pack, look at it and put it back. The man was just leaning on the shopping cart, looking as well, but not touching any of the panty packages.

Finally, the guy picks a pack and tells his wife "I think these would be good for you." I quickly looked at the ones he had chosen, and it was the bikini type. He hands it to her. She grabs it. Looks at it, front and back. Thinks about it. And then says "No, I'll take these." And by these she meant the big granny panties. She put them in her cart and they strolled away.

I have no idea why, but this scenario got me thinking. Women obviously know what they like to wear and what's most comfortable for them. Everyone wears different intimates. I don't think there's a right or wrong underwear to wear in a relationship.

However, it did make me ask myself, "Do I consider what my husband likes me to wear?" The majority of the men know very little about fashion. But most of them are good at knowing what they like on a woman, especially on their woman.

From intimates, to heels, to earrings, to dresses, but you know what your husband likes, right? If you don't, ask, and consider it. (Have you noticed that I'm big on communication?)

Basically, my thought is, that I know Gerson will love me regardless of what I do and don't wear, but why not make him happy with the small things and wear something that he finds me sexy or beautiful in?

I realize everyone thinks different, and I would love to know your opinion on it. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Living the Dream!

This weekend my college roomy called me.

We've stayed in touch ever since we graduated. Even when I lived in Brazil and she in Italy, we would make sure to call each other to catch up.

This phone call was the first one for the year. We usually call each other after the holidays to talk about everything we did.

She happened to go to Costa Rica with her family and her holidays sounded absolutely fun with all the zip-lining, water rafting, rainforest tours, and beach-ing they did. So when it was my turn to share, I told her about Christmas in Houston, and then about New Years in Chicago.

I sort of thought that my long-weekend in Chicago could not compare to her exotic 11 day Central American adventure, but even so, I began to tell her about it. I told her that for New Years Eve Gerson and I walked from our hotel to the Navy Pier to watch the 8pm fireworks. We then took a taxi to a restaurant where Gerson had made reservations. It included a buffet, live band, party favors, and champagne at midnight. After midnight, we took a taxi who left us at a 7-Eleven near our hotel (cause traffic was horrible). So we went in, bought some chocolate and a bottle of champagne and took it back to our hotel. I giggled when I told her "It was just me & Gerson, but we had fun." If you think about it, it does sound silly to go party on NYE and not know anyone (at the party). Sometimes it's more fun when you're with friends and family.

However, talking to Erika, my roomy,reminded me of the way I felt in Chicago. I was overjoyed and so grateful. My heart was full of gratitude (to God), that I really don't think any words could fully express it. When I'm doing things with Gerson,such as partying in Chicago or even just relaxing on a Friday night with pizza and movie, I can't help but remember when I was young and single.

When I was single, I would dream of the crazy, romantic, normal, and exciting stuff I would love to do with my husband someday... To go out, just him and I, travel the world, experience new things, and build memories together.

I was living a dream this past New Years Eve. It might not have been Costa Rica, but it was perfect.

Do you ever dream of doing certain things with your future spouse? Or if you are married, do you remember dreaming about married life when you were single?

Even in our relationships we dream. And everyone has completely different dreams. The important part is to begin fulfilling those dreams together.

We tend to forget those dreams and make our lives (marriage) part of a routine. And let me tell you something, eventually, routines get boring!

If you have any crazy,fun ideas, introduce them to your spouse. It doesn't have to be a trip, it can be anything. I use to dream of cooking with my husband, so occasionally we pick a complicated recipe and try and make it together.

Have you thought about where your relationship is going this year? Have you only planned big goals? How about also thinking of some small, creative ideas for this year? Get out of your routine and do something different. Dream and fulfill those dreams together!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Tell Or Not To Tell? ... That Is The Question.

When we first got married I clearly remember telling Gerson that communication was the key to a great marriage.

I think it was the communicator in me saying that. I majored in communication, believe that I was brought on this earth to communicate, and have no problem communicating the message I want to convey.

During the first months of our marriage, I would get upset when Gerson didn't tell me things. Actually, our first (and biggest) fight was due to lack of communication. So Gerson, being the good husband that he is, began to communicate.

Through out that year he COMMUNICATED that I had gained some weight, that he didn't like the long, blue dress on me, that he would like me to be more organized when it came to planning, that dinner was too salty, that he didn't want to talk about babies until several years, that I should cut back on the ice cream, that I should get my masters or work (but not stay home), that maybe I should try some whitening strips, that I could use a manicure (he likes me w/ pretty nails), that my pointy shoes were ugly (Please don't mess w/ my shoes!), that I should be more involved with our finances, and the list probably went on.

Does Gerson sound like a monster or what?! Well, maybe I embellished a bit, but Gerson communicated with me alright! He's always treated me with love and kindness. His intentions were never to hurt me. Honestly, Gerson would tell me these things in the kindest way he could. I wrote that he told me I had gained weight, but he actually suggested we work out together because he wanted me to be healthy. Maybe in his head he had thought I had gained a few pounds and wanted to be supportive, but I interpreted it as "Gerson's calling me a cow!"

After a year of this communication deal, Gerson told me one day, "I don't know what to do! You tell me to communicate but when I do, you get upset. And if I don't tell you stuff then you still get upset" He was absolutely right. It was a lose lose for him.

Can any of you relate to this? or to me?

Obviously, I recognized I was wrong, apologized, and began to be more understanding. I want Gerson to be honest and comfortable telling me how he feels.

No one is perfect. Being straight up rude is one thing. That's unacceptable. But the majority of the times, the person's intentions are harmless. They feel comfortable enough to be sincere. Besides, I realized that I was being too sensitive. Many times Gerson expressed something cause he wanted the best for me or for our marriage.

Sometimes the old cliché is right, the truth hurts, but would you rather be in a relationship that's trustworthy and real, or in one that's fake and dodgy?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Understanding Wife.

Today Gerson's vacation is over and he goes back to full-time rotations.

This whole weekend I was so attached to him because I knew Monday would come. I often say that I hate being the understanding wife. Every wife has different cases, but being the understanding wife to me means that I have to understand that Gerson will rarely be home. I have to understand that when he is home he's catching up on sleep. I have to understand that dinner means one plate for me and another stored in the microwave, oven, or fridge. I have to understand that sleeping alone is part of this goal. I have to understand that IChats are part of our marriage. I have to understand that our quality time is worth more than gold.

He began his surgery rotation today and it will go on for 90 days. This is the one he's been waiting for because he's striving to be a surgeon and wants to give more of his time if he has to. Therefore, more than ever do I have to be the understanding wife.

I shared this topic with you for 2 reasons. First, so you could remember us in your prayers. Being an understanding wife is not always easy and although Gerson is not as needy (as me), he could also use your prayers. This rotation will be challenging, but he's determined to be the best.

Second reason for sharing, is to remind you that in life we come across difficult tasks,including in our relationships. I may hate being the understanding wife, but remembering my blessings in the midst of all of it is what keeps us going. There's a focal point and a finish line.

Remember to count your blessings and see the good in your complexity. As Gerson often tells me, there is a bright side to everything.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year... New Blog!

@ The Cloud Gate in Chicago 2010

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!

I hope each one of you had a great time during the holidays. I spent Christmas with my family in Houston and New Years in Chicago with Gerson. Overall I had a relaxing and fun time, and personally the days went by too fast.

Can you believe a new year has begun? It's truly exciting because a new year brings new everythings... New ideas, new resolutions, new fashion, new challenges and even a NEW BLOG! :)

As mentioned last month, I have decided to change it up a bit, and dedicate at least this year to talkin' about love. I've always had a fascination with love. It's amazing how a huge percentage of this planet is looking for "the one" or to simply be loved in return.

I'm no expert or guru, but I enjoy writing and learning about dating & relationships. Thus, I'm excited to share my stories and experiences with you!

I hope you continue to read along and share your comments and thoughts on my new blog.


PS. Hope you don't mind, but I went ahead and left my previous posts on this blog. ;)