Thursday, December 15, 2011


November 5th, 2011 was one of the best anniversaries ever!

On our anniversary, we not only celebrated 5 years of marriage, but that very same day, I found out I was pregnant.

Funny thing, I was so sure I wasn't. Every woman knows her body. Knows how she feels when mother nature is arriving, so I was positive I was not pregnant. But since it was my anniversary and planned on drinking champagne to toast, I decided to take a pregnancy test. Usually, I stare at the pee-stick, cause I'm so anxious to know if it's a + or -, however, because I thought I wasn't, I didn't remember til later on through out the day.

When I saw the pregnancy test, I could not believe it. I loudly said "OH MY GOSH!!!!" and quickly text Gerson cause he was flying in from Atlanta that night.

It was one of the most perfect days! We went to a nice restaurant and celebrated our love & our new baby. I am currently 9 weeks and beyond happy. Gerson and I feel so blessed and we give God the glory for these beautiful blessings He gives us!

Happy Thursday everyone! ♥