Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Marriage is not to be taken lightly...

Throughout the years, I occasionally get the news from a friend, that she is getting a divorce.

It's always devastating to hear. The question I ask myself is did they give it their all? Now that they're going through this divorce do they regret not being a better spouse? By listening or communicating better, or changing those bad habits that their spouse hated, or sought counseling? Or maybe loving her better by making her feel special the way she needed to be loved. Would they go back and change... now that their spouse wants nothing to do with them?

By no means am I in a perfect marriage. Gerson and I argue. We disagree. We have our days that are not so pretty. However, at the end of the day we care. We care a lot about our marriage, that we apologize and forgive. We communicate and listen. We become selfless and think about the other. We make it work and sometimes even make some changes. We sacrifice and compromise. We do it cause we love each other and we're committed.

Marriage is not to be taken lightly. Marriage requires a lot of hard work. And what happens is that after a couple of years we get very comfortable. Sometimes life with our partner just becomes a routine. It even becomes boring. Our defects increase and feel like we don't need to change.

Men sometimes have the attitude of  " I conquered her already so I don't have to do anything else." Or even women don't feel the need to look nice, be sexy, and love their husbands' the way they need like to be loved. Marriage is not to be taken lightly nowadays. Divorce rates are high.

If you truly care about your spouse. If you truly honestly want to last forever, stop being lazy. Work at turning on that spark once in a while. Dream together like when you were young. Kiss often. Talk to each other and LISTEN. Stop taking marriage lightly! Stop putting more importance to things that will not be with you forever.

Gerson and I remind ourselves that at the end of this life, I can bet you all those things that we thought mattered are not going to matter. We matter to each other. We will be next to each other or at least thinking of each other when our life on earth is ending.

I conclude with this. Marriage requires hard work. I like to think of it as my dream job.  At my dream job some days are amazing and some days require more work than others. But my dream job also has awesome benefits that make all the hard work worthwhile. Marriage is similar. It has it's days but all the benefits and investments are worth it. Stop taking it lightly and always work towards making it better.

Happy Tuesday!