Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One more day is all I'm thinking right now!

I not only get to see my boo in one day, but we get to fly out and spend 5 days in San Francisco! Perfect way to reunite, don't you think?

I'm going to try my best not to be a cornball w/ this post. But first, let me tell you about two friends of ours.

I have two friends that hooked up and started dating. When I heard about it, I was so happy. I thought it would be fun to double date and hang out as couples. So we thought.

I don't even recall how long they lasted. Maybe a little bit less than a year but it was a nightmare. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but they changed so much that by the end of their relationship, I didn't know them anymore. They were jealous with each other, controlling, and isolated from everyone. As mean as this sounds, I was rooting for them to break up and eventually they did. I remember Gerson making a comment, saying "Those guys were just not meant to be...They brought the worst of each other".

You know, my relationship is no where near perfect. We too argue and disagree. Sometimes we may think we can control each other, but if Gerson has done anything these 8 years we've been together, he has brought out the best of me. He truly makes me want to be a better person. He is my number one fan... a huge support in my life ... my backbone. He lets me know where I need to improve but also builds confidence in me to do certain things. He believes in me even when I doubt myself. Gerson is a huge blessing in my life!

Hope I wasn't too much of a cheesy cornball. :) ... But I just want to encourage you to be that support that your spouse needs. Bring out the best of her/him. Encourage, inspire, and believe in them.

And if you're single, still looking for that special someone, choose wisely. If you notice that the person you're dating is only bringing you down, RUN. I believe our defects increase once we're married, so I doubt it will get better.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 DAYS - Laughter

Isn't it amazing how dependent we become of our spouses?

This time apart has made me realize that although I am independent and can manage to get lots done w/out my husband around, I still need him for certain things. Simply having him listen when I'm having a challenging day, makes my day better.

Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn't a bad day at all. It was just full of mishaps. It began w/ an incident at my job. There was a misunderstanding and no one had shown up to a middle school here in SA to speak to students about our program. So I rushed over there and ready or not spoke!

Then I went to the mall during my lunch break to buy some boots and my card was no where to be found.

Later, Gerson calls to tell me that he realized we had both paid the rent at the beginning of the month. Yes, I feel dumb telling you this, but hey, we all make mistakes. And to my defense, Gerson told me to pay the bills while he was in Dallas. He's usually the one that manages our finances but I clearly recall him asking me. Anyways, who cares, whats done is done and our complex will not refund us but put it towards Novembers rent.

After work, I hardly ever encounter traffic but yesterday was a day of horrendous traffic. I stayed in it for an hour and a half. They closed I10 cause some 18 wheeler exploded. The good thing was that Gerson, aka the walking map, got me out of it beautifully. I was so grateful and knew I should have called him sooner.

It was a long day. As I got ready to go to bed, Gerson called and asked if I could go through the mail to see if he had received a check. He was selected by his school to attend a conference in San Francisco this coming week and was mailed a stipend for his expenses.

I hate opening mail. Unless they're party invites, thank you cards, Christmas cards, or fun stuff for me, I don't bother checking the mail. That's one of Gerson's duties, shredding all the junk we receive. Nevertheless, I have been checking it since he's been gone and just pile it on the counter.

Well, I finally saw an envelope from the school and told him, I think this is it. I open it and confusingly said Sweety, this letter says you owe them $20? And we just bursted out laughing!

It felt great finishing the day with a laugh. Sometimes thats all we can do. Complaining gets us nowhere. Being mad or upset doesn't help either. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

PS. 2 MORE! 2 MORE!!! Friday is almost here! :D

3 Days - Trust

During this time apart, I've been asked if I trust Gerson.

Honestly, he has never given me a reason to doubt or question it. I am not thinking about him being unfaithful and vice versa. It's not an issue for us.

Trust is pretty vital in any relationship wouldn't you say? Although Gerson and I trust each other on fidelity, I asked myself if maybe there are areas in my relationship where I don't trust my husband.

You see, trust is not only about being faithful. It's involves many other areas of a relationship. Do you trust your spouse with your finances? How about with specific responsibilities?

I know I struggle w/ that sometimes. I will tell Gerson that I can take care of certain things, mainly cause I don't trust he will do it. Whether it's understanding that he's busy or has his mind on other things, I've realized that it's due to not trusting he can help me. Although it's silly or insignificant.

Think about it. Are there some areas in your relationship where you don't trust your spouse? I know what I need to work on. Find out if there is an area you are struggling with and take it day by towards building trust together. I believe trust is an ingredient to a fruitful and healthy relationship.

PS 3 MORE DAYS! I think my smile is only getting bigger! ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

4 Days - Opportunity

I am happy to say that in 4 days I will reunite with my handsome husband.

I really can not believe how fast time has flown. When he left I thought a month would be an eternity but I have learned a lot during our time apart.

The day he was accepted to do this away rotation we saw it as an opportunity. Mainly an opportunity for Gerson and his career. But I have also seen this as an opportunity for me. I have never lived on my own, so it's been kind of cool to have the apartment all to myself. I've also been able to not worry about cooking. I go to the gym late cause there's no one expecting me at home. I don't have to go to sleep early or even struggle w/ going to sleep due to his snoring. I pretty much feel like a single woman living on her own w/ the exception that I'm actually not single, but madly in love w/ my husband!

But what I've enjoyed the most is that I've been waking up early to spend time praying. Maybe I needed this opportunity to realize that I CAN wake up early to dedicate some time for just me and God. Thanks to Him, I have not felt alone or lonely. He's reassured me that He's in me, therefore I'm never alone.

It's been a crazy month, w/ it's ups and downs, but I remain grateful for this opportunity. Opportunities happen for a reason and we grow through them.

I am so ready to see my boo!!!!!! Let the countdown begin!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


A friend recently thanked me for never advising her to divorce her husband when they were going through marital problems.

I've never been through anything they've been through. But I did tell her that I want to believe there's a fighter spirit in me that will always fight for my marriage.

I think I've said it so many times on my blog (that you're probably tired of it) but I'll write it again, marriage is hard work. Fortunately, Gerson and I have never been anywhere near divorce. We've had our problems but both of us have overcome them. Have I wanted a break from him sometimes? Of course!! And I'm sure him from me too! But we just don't. We get through it, someway somehow. We communicate. We argue. We cry. We listen. And get through it. The good memories have always outweighed our problems.

My dad once said something so simple yet true. He said that the reason couples divorce now more than ever is because they no longer want to find a solution.

I realize all of this sounds easier said than done, but find that fighter spirit in you if you have to. Fight for your marriage. Find a solution. Don't give up until you know for sure you gave it all you could. You fought for it. There tends to be a positive pride and value when you fight for something.

I believe that there will be years in your marriage when loving your spouse may be difficult. It may lead you to believe the grass is greener on the other side, but your grass may just need a little fertilizer, some water, some rain, some mowing.

All I'm sayin' is try. Find a solution. Put your armor on. Get your hands dirty. And fight the good fight!

For my single friends, marriage is really and truly a lot of fun. But don't do it if you can't commit. If you're not ready to sacrifice. Be selfless. AlWAYS find a solution to the problem. And work hard at it. Let's just say, it ain't always pretty.