Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Marriage Means More.

Gerson surprised me with a trip to Chicago on our 3rd anniversary. It was perfect!
Today I celebrate 8 years of marriage with Gerson.

I love to think about that day. November 5th, 2006. I love to remember the thoughts that were going through my head and all the emotions I was feeling. I still remember, isn't that strange?

I had an invincible spirit. I walked down that aisle, certain that nothing could ever break us. I believed that we could fight the unimaginable fight just to remain together. All we desired was to finally be together, physically and spiritually. No more distance, no more insecurities, we would be what the Bible says married couples are, which is one. 

We were so in love. That crazy stupid love, on Cloud9, and it was awesome. 
But eventually Cloud9 did come to an end. Reality hit. And although our love still remained, marriage became hard work. The sparks that I thought would stay forever required work. Agreeing on certain subjects required work. Sacrifices. Compromises. Romance required work. How is it that marriage could require so much work?!

8 years later I have to say that I love that about marriage. I love that Gerson and I love each other so much that we're willing to make it work. We desire this relationship to go as far as it can. 

When you experience ups and downs with someone, good and bad, and continue to love  each other enough to make it through anything, it gives marriage so much more value than the days your love was so effortless. 

Marriage means more than the party or the white dress. It's more than a piece of paper. It is a beautiful promise. It is a commitment to build life with someone in good and bad, in rich and poor, in sick and health. It's not meant to always be easy. Life in general isn't easy. Those "hard work marriage" moments have only made our relationship stronger. It has made me love him more and look forward to our future. 

If you're married, remember that your years have produced much more value than the day you got married. You're rich and full. Today take the time to reminisce, look at all you've built with your spouse, and say marriage means more! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014


One crazy long weekend we drove to Big Bend to hike, then to Marfa, Texas to see the faux Prada Boutique and then to White Sands. We drove more than anything but it was awesome! 

I moved to Dallas, Texas to attend college at 18 years old.

Everyone told me I would come back married. I refused. I always said that I would graduate at 21years old, which I did, so I could work and travel the world. Make a difference in this world. Live life to the fullest... But marriage would come until after my 30's. 

I ended up getting married at 23. Ha! 

The reason I would say so is because society til this day has basically told our culture that once you're married your life is over. And I believed it!  I didn't think I could live to the fullest while submitting to a man. Or travel because surely we wouldn't be able to afford it. I simply wouldn't be able to do everything I want because of marriage. But that mentality that society set on me was completely false!

Marriage does change your life. You now have a companion to consider. But it doesn't stop you from living. Life doesn't stop being fun because of marriage. 

I have traveled way more, 10 countries to be exact, than when I was single. My husband has blessed my life so much that I don't regret it for one bit. Sure, there have been some rough times, but it has never made me agree to societies' lies. The truth is when I met Gerson I knew I wanted to risk it and I'm so glad I did. 

Too many of us, married or single, have fallen into the lies of society. How many times at work do you hear people complaining about their spouse? Bashing their spouses and marriage. I hear it all the time. It's almost as if we're suppose to speak badly about marriage as soon as we're asked about our spouse. Marriage is definitely hard work. But it's also going to be what you want it to be. It takes two people to make a marriage work. It takes compromising and sacrificing. 

What do you want from your marriage today? Where would you like for it to go? Surround yourselves around people that believe in it. Around positive people. With the divorce stats nowadays, we need strong marriages to rise and prove society wrong. 

I'm tired of society! Society tells us that if we're skinny, we're beautiful. If we're rich, we're happy. If we're married life is over. More than ever am I optimistic about marriage and what it truly can be for people. Choose love & screw society!

Happy Friday! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Midnight Moment

I support PDA. 

Gerson had a busy week. We didn't see each other much. I would think to myself throughout last week, 'how is it possible to miss someone I live with?'

Then Sunday at 12:30ish am  I hear him open the door. I eventually feel him crawl into bed. I then hear him whisper "baby" I respond, 'mhm' and he says again "baby," I figured he wanted me to open my eyes. I look at him and he says "I love you." I smiled, leaned over, kissed him, and continued sleeping.

That morning I woke up thinking about our midnight moment. About how absolutely anybody loves to be told they're loved. Especially when it's mutual. Even at midnight. Being loved is what many want, desire, chase, and can't ever seem to "find". 'Why?' I wondered. And why is it that when we have found love we can't seem to make it work.

I don't have all the answers. But what I do know is that I never want to be too busy to love. I'm grateful that in the midst of this chaotic life with residency, busy schedules, diapers, crying babies, etc we can stop and say I love you. We can stop for a second and kiss. The truth is I wouldn't want to do this life without him so I have to make it work.

That is my tip on this Monday. Always love one another. Don't get too busy or lazy. The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dream a little...

Last night Gerson and I sat to eat dinner. Gael was in bed. Noelle was just chillin' on her swing. And it was so pleasant just to sit and have dinner with my man.

We talked and talked about all the dreams we want to accomplish. Some are goals but many of them are dreams. Dreams that seem unreal at the moment. Who knows if they will ever become reality. But what I loved is that after 11 years of being with Gerson (including our dating years), we continue to dream. Some dreams seem so silly and others simply unattainable but I love that we still do it.

It takes me back to dreams we talked about years ago that have now occurred. Whether it was traveling the world together, or one day having kids, or working our dream job, which ever it was, we have had the privilege to see these dreams become reality.

Of course it takes a lot of work to not only dream but actually convert them into goals and eventually accomplish each one of them. But as for the dreaming part, I truly enjoy doing it with him. It allows me to see beyond these chaotic, restless moments I'm currently living with a newborn, toddler, and hard working husband. It gives me hope for our future.

Dream together. It'll keep you young.

Happy Wednesday!