Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Supportive Spouse

This month has been a tough one for us.

Gerson's been in a trauma night rotation. He sleeps about 4 to 5 hours a day. Tries to spend an hour with us and works the rest. I swear I feel like a single mom who sees her baby daddy occasionally.

My husband has always been a hard worker. So working long shifts is definitely nothing new for him. However, I think the hours and lack of sleep is making him miserable. Quite honestly, we're both miserable with this rotation. We hate it. Gerson is such an optimist and I have never heard him express so much how he hates going to work. His highlights are only when he assist in a cool surgery and that he has Saturdays off.

Thankfully, this is over on Friday and he gets the weekend off (YAY!) and starts a new rotation on Monday.  What's funny is that these past weeks I didn't have the courage to write. I didn't know if I was going to survive being the understanding wife. Nor did I want to write support your spouse when I couldn't support mine. But now that it's almost over I will say that I'm proud the way we handled it.

Every marriage or relationship has their moments. Part of me was optimistic because I knew it was temporary. I would encourage Gerson when he was down. But only cause I knew it was one month. I don't know how I would have handled it if this was for the rest of our lives. But what I do know is that everybody goes through challenging phases. Couples go through fires. What's important is how you handle and grow from it.

Working as a team, together is my advice. We would have gotten nowhere if either of us dwelled on our misery and didn't care about anything else. Personally one of the best parts about being in a relationship is that you have each other. And although it's great to have one another during fun and happy moments there's nothing like having that support and backbone during hard times.

Support each other. If you're going through a fire, or if your partner is going through something be there for them. Get through it together. Even when it's not your problem, be the light in their darkness. I'm often asked why do you do this for Gerson? How could you support him financially in med school? How could you support him and move? How do you sacrifice your dreams to support hisAnd my answer is always because if it was the other way around, if I was accomplishing a career that required many years of school and training and instability, I have no doubt in my mind that he would do it for me.

I'm glad this month is coming to an end. My mind was running during these difficult days. I observed certain things in my relationship, learned much, and took notes which I plan to share with you! Hope everyone is having a great week. xoxo