Thursday, June 5, 2014


One crazy long weekend we drove to Big Bend to hike, then to Marfa, Texas to see the faux Prada Boutique and then to White Sands. We drove more than anything but it was awesome! 

I moved to Dallas, Texas to attend college at 18 years old.

Everyone told me I would come back married. I refused. I always said that I would graduate at 21years old, which I did, so I could work and travel the world. Make a difference in this world. Live life to the fullest... But marriage would come until after my 30's. 

I ended up getting married at 23. Ha! 

The reason I would say so is because society til this day has basically told our culture that once you're married your life is over. And I believed it!  I didn't think I could live to the fullest while submitting to a man. Or travel because surely we wouldn't be able to afford it. I simply wouldn't be able to do everything I want because of marriage. But that mentality that society set on me was completely false!

Marriage does change your life. You now have a companion to consider. But it doesn't stop you from living. Life doesn't stop being fun because of marriage. 

I have traveled way more, 10 countries to be exact, than when I was single. My husband has blessed my life so much that I don't regret it for one bit. Sure, there have been some rough times, but it has never made me agree to societies' lies. The truth is when I met Gerson I knew I wanted to risk it and I'm so glad I did. 

Too many of us, married or single, have fallen into the lies of society. How many times at work do you hear people complaining about their spouse? Bashing their spouses and marriage. I hear it all the time. It's almost as if we're suppose to speak badly about marriage as soon as we're asked about our spouse. Marriage is definitely hard work. But it's also going to be what you want it to be. It takes two people to make a marriage work. It takes compromising and sacrificing. 

What do you want from your marriage today? Where would you like for it to go? Surround yourselves around people that believe in it. Around positive people. With the divorce stats nowadays, we need strong marriages to rise and prove society wrong. 

I'm tired of society! Society tells us that if we're skinny, we're beautiful. If we're rich, we're happy. If we're married life is over. More than ever am I optimistic about marriage and what it truly can be for people. Choose love & screw society!

Happy Friday!