Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Something funny happened last week.

One of my coworkers happened to be one of Gerson’s patients. She had no idea, but when he saw she worked with my employer he asked if she knew me.

My coworker did not know that Gerson was a full-time medical student. Once she arrived at work, she came to tell me that she had met him and her only thought was “Lucky her, she married a doctor!” Other coworkers also found out, so then the obvious comment was mentioned, “You are going to have a lot of money someday” Believe it or not, I get told this (in different forms) all the time. Really, ALL the time!

But the truth is we actually may not have a lot of money someday. Something can change. The economy… doctor’s salaries… managing our finances irresponsibly… ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

I guess I was having a really good day, cause my response was Maybe, but I’m broke now, yet so happy, so as long as he continues to love me I’ll be good.

I realize money does give a temporary happiness, but I never want it to define nor break my marriage. Although we have had our financial high & lows, I’m kind of proud that we remain crazy in love although our finances took a twirl when we moved to SA.

Everyone handles money differently. Normally, there’s a spender and a saver in each relationship. This is why arguing about money is extremely common. What’s sad is that many times marriages divorce due to financial struggles.

Here are two things I’ve learned through my financial ups and downs. First, MONEY COMES AND MONEY GOES. A very common saying but very true. When my dad had a heart attack I did not care what I had to pay to get him well. All I wanted was he with me on earth.

Second lesson is one that changed my life. It is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, class. A lot of people think that Dave Ramsey is all about getting out of debt, but it’s more than that. It’s a financial plan that teaches you to become debt free,live within your means (on a budget), invest to build wealth, and GIVE; give to your family, to your church, to organizations, to the poor etc!

Those two, allowed me to understand that arguing about a piece of paper called money was simply not worth it. I’m beyond blessed whether I have millions of dollars or not. God has given me so much including things that money can't buy.

If you find yourself arguing often about your finances I encourage you to take Dave Ramsey's class. Living on a budget is no where near easy but it gives you a smart financial mission in your relationship. You won’t regret taking this class. It will change you!
Also, begin to count your blessings. Many people don’t even have a roof over their head or food to eat. Reflect and remember that you’re already blessed with or without the IPAD2!

And who knows I may have a lot money someday. But it may be through my career or Ramsey's brilliant plan. Only God knows. What I do know is that money just can't buy me love! ♥

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ferry Rides.

Have I ever told you about my fabulous honeymoon??

Since I couldn't decide on a snowy-cuddly honeymoon or a beachy-paradisiacal one, Gerson booked us both; 7 days in Vail, Colorado and from there flew to the Mexican Riviera for 7 more days. It was the best trip I have ever taken!

However, while we were in Mexico, we took a ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel. We wanted to spend a whole day in Cozumel, so we bought 2 tickets for the earliest ferry and 2 more for the latest. \

As we rode the ferry, I began to feel extremely nauseous. Shortly after so did Gerson. The 30 minute ferry ride had affected us both with motion sickness.

It kind of ruined our morning. I mean seriously, who wants to hug and kiss someone that just vomit? Not me! But as the hours passed we forgot about it and enjoyed Cozumel. That night when it was time to get back on the boat, the motion sickness continued, and our night was kind of ruined as well. It was quite traumatic.

Anytime we would take a whole different trip in a complete different city, country, and even continent, if there was a boat or ferry involved we would enter the ship afraid of getting sick. Funny thing is that never again did we suffer seasickness.

Sometimes, in relationships we act the same way Gerson and I do with boat rides. We tend to think that every relationship is going to be exactly the same as the previous one. We expect our current partner to be as funny and charming just as the ex. Or some of us could have had a traumatic experience, such as my ferry ride, that we think every single relationship will conclude in betrayal.

Each relationship and experience is different.Relationships require compromising and adjusting. Besides absolutely no one, especially men, like to be compared with an ex or any other man. I'm really hoping that if you're married, you are not comparing your spouse to ANYBODY! (Yes ladies, not even comparing him to your dad!)

The motionsickness has not stopped Gerson & I from ferry rides. Yes, we may feel unsure at times, but we get on hoping for the best. I encourage you to embrace the difference and learn from it. Make it a goal to work towards a healthy relationship.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey guys!

Sorry for disappearing for a while! I have no excuse what-so-ever!

I've had some ups and downs these months. A lot of stress going on in my workplace which makes me not even want to open my computer when I get home, hence, no blogs. But I STILL love my job! I'm blessed to do what I do and I wouldn't change it. Work can be stressful, and it's ok.

Gerson and I are doing great. Getting through his adventurous rotations. Never underestimate a medical student's life, because it is indeed adventurous! He finished his general surgery rotation in April with not just a perfect 100 from the doctor's evaluation, but a straight A from his final exam! He's definitely my sexy nerd.

April was a busy month. If you've never visited San Antonio during Fiesta week, you should put it on your list. Fiesta is a week of parades, parties, carnivals, and a whole lot of fiesta-ing! It was our first time going to some of their events and it was extremely entertaining. Then I had my wisdom teeth taken out which was a painful nauseating experience. Following we celebrated Easter and finished the month with my mom's 50th birthday.

Gerson's current rotation is pediatrics. We're both hoping he learns something about babies!

Well, I just wanted to take the time to say that I have not stopped blogging. I'm still writing! I looked at the calendar today and couldn't believe we were in the month of May.

I encourage you to continue fulfilling all those resolutions you set at the beginning of the year. Set a plan if you have to. Practice your discipline to accomplish certain goals. There's still time for whatever it is you want to do!

Also, don't hate on people. Even if you have haters, don't focus on that. There's no reason to be envious or jealous of what others have obtained. Look at your life, count YOUR blessings. If you don't like something then change it. The power is within you to change it! If you start comparing yourself to others and try to "beat" what they have done, you are only limiting yourself. Some goals just require a little bit more work than others. Keep working, continue believing, and don't lose your faith!

Just some thoughts I had on my mind... I'll be posting some blogs these next weeks. Sorry for the MIA, hopefully it won't happen again.