Thursday, January 26, 2012

A thought for today.

So my coworkers met my husband a couple months ago at an event.

I recall coming back to work and several of them telling me that my husband was very handsome. I take that as a compliment all the time. But today several of them told me that one of my coworkers thought he was so handsome she was going to walk up to him and ask for his number. That is until she found out he was my husband.

The sad part is that this woman is married. And although they find it hilarious, I find it sad.

So my thought for today is, to the men, the husbands, love your wife so crazily and madly that she won't feel the need to have to look for another man that will be crazy about her, even when the other man might be cuter. Show appreciation and affection. Tell her she's beautiful. Make her feel like the queen that she is. Listen to her to know her and be romantic once in awhile.

To the women, the wives, respect your husband. Allow him to wear the pants. Don't be bossy, nagging, and controlling. Let him take the role as the leader and man that he is. Be his wife, friend, lover, and helper so he won't feel the need to look for one of these elsewhere.

Just a thought. Have a good day!