Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dream a little...

Last night Gerson and I sat to eat dinner. Gael was in bed. Noelle was just chillin' on her swing. And it was so pleasant just to sit and have dinner with my man.

We talked and talked about all the dreams we want to accomplish. Some are goals but many of them are dreams. Dreams that seem unreal at the moment. Who knows if they will ever become reality. But what I loved is that after 11 years of being with Gerson (including our dating years), we continue to dream. Some dreams seem so silly and others simply unattainable but I love that we still do it.

It takes me back to dreams we talked about years ago that have now occurred. Whether it was traveling the world together, or one day having kids, or working our dream job, which ever it was, we have had the privilege to see these dreams become reality.

Of course it takes a lot of work to not only dream but actually convert them into goals and eventually accomplish each one of them. But as for the dreaming part, I truly enjoy doing it with him. It allows me to see beyond these chaotic, restless moments I'm currently living with a newborn, toddler, and hard working husband. It gives me hope for our future.

Dream together. It'll keep you young.

Happy Wednesday!