Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 Days - Trust

During this time apart, I've been asked if I trust Gerson.

Honestly, he has never given me a reason to doubt or question it. I am not thinking about him being unfaithful and vice versa. It's not an issue for us.

Trust is pretty vital in any relationship wouldn't you say? Although Gerson and I trust each other on fidelity, I asked myself if maybe there are areas in my relationship where I don't trust my husband.

You see, trust is not only about being faithful. It's involves many other areas of a relationship. Do you trust your spouse with your finances? How about with specific responsibilities?

I know I struggle w/ that sometimes. I will tell Gerson that I can take care of certain things, mainly cause I don't trust he will do it. Whether it's understanding that he's busy or has his mind on other things, I've realized that it's due to not trusting he can help me. Although it's silly or insignificant.

Think about it. Are there some areas in your relationship where you don't trust your spouse? I know what I need to work on. Find out if there is an area you are struggling with and take it day by day....work towards building trust together. I believe trust is an ingredient to a fruitful and healthy relationship.

PS 3 MORE DAYS! I think my smile is only getting bigger! ;)