Thursday, October 6, 2011


A friend recently thanked me for never advising her to divorce her husband when they were going through marital problems.

I've never been through anything they've been through. But I did tell her that I want to believe there's a fighter spirit in me that will always fight for my marriage.

I think I've said it so many times on my blog (that you're probably tired of it) but I'll write it again, marriage is hard work. Fortunately, Gerson and I have never been anywhere near divorce. We've had our problems but both of us have overcome them. Have I wanted a break from him sometimes? Of course!! And I'm sure him from me too! But we just don't. We get through it, someway somehow. We communicate. We argue. We cry. We listen. And get through it. The good memories have always outweighed our problems.

My dad once said something so simple yet true. He said that the reason couples divorce now more than ever is because they no longer want to find a solution.

I realize all of this sounds easier said than done, but find that fighter spirit in you if you have to. Fight for your marriage. Find a solution. Don't give up until you know for sure you gave it all you could. You fought for it. There tends to be a positive pride and value when you fight for something.

I believe that there will be years in your marriage when loving your spouse may be difficult. It may lead you to believe the grass is greener on the other side, but your grass may just need a little fertilizer, some water, some rain, some mowing.

All I'm sayin' is try. Find a solution. Put your armor on. Get your hands dirty. And fight the good fight!

For my single friends, marriage is really and truly a lot of fun. But don't do it if you can't commit. If you're not ready to sacrifice. Be selfless. AlWAYS find a solution to the problem. And work hard at it. Let's just say, it ain't always pretty.