Friday, February 11, 2011


Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays (Yes, it's a holiday!). I've never needed a boyfriend or husband to celebrate it. My mom would buy us cards and candies, and as we got older, my sisters were my valentines. We would plan a date and have dinner.

But once I met Gerson, and he discovered it was one of my favorite days, he ALWAYS made it extra special. Just thinking about every Valentine's day together puts a smile on my face. On our first Valentines as a married couple, I suggested that I plan something special since he had done it for the 3 years we dated. And after that, we began to take turns. One year he plans, the next I do. It's pretty fun!

Well, I'm telling you this because it is my turn this year and I have absolutely nothing planned! I've been so busy with different projects and work, that I haven't made the time to plan anything. Because Gerson has his 24 hour shift on the 14th, we will be celebrating it on the 16th, which gives me a few more days.

Any ideas? I have some, but could use more.