Friday, February 4, 2011


Since the majority of Americans are hibernating, I thought I would share some of my favorite romantic movies that you could watch and cuddle w/ your loved one, or with girl/boy friend, or a friend, and even by yourself in bed w/ some chow mein (Yes I've done that!).

I actually watched one yesterday and loved it! Going the Distance, it's at your Red Box and I'm actually watching it AGAIN as I blog (You know, to get my $1.08 worth). It does have a lot of cursing, so if that annoys you definitely don't watch cause you won't like it. But it reminded me of when Gerson and I had a long distance relationship and how much it sucked! But you do what you can to make it work :) ...

* NoteBook
of course is another awesome movie! The tearjerker of all times.

* Gladiator is one of my faves. And although it's not under the romantic genres, it's a great movie with a love story!

* Knocked Up
hilarious and romantic!

* Love Actually is perfect during this cold weather.

* Click is one of my favorite movies. Not only because it makes me cry every single time, but also because it reminds me to appreciate life and our loved ones.

* Bridget Jones Diary

* While You Were Sleeping

* Never Been Kissed

* PS I Love You

* The Wedding Singer I love Drew Barrymore!

These are all movies I can watch over and over... What are some of your favorite movies??


analaura said...

My favorite is the P.S. I Love You. Cried so much in that movie. I was like STOP crying Analaura this is not you. Notebook is also one of my favs.