Monday, January 31, 2011

Know Your Qualities

A while back I was with some of my girlfriends who I basically consider sisters.

We are all beautiful,but one of my girlfriends is stunningly gorgeous. We told her that her husband must love to have her by his side and feel good that his wife is HOT!

Then a friend said, "My husband loves that I'm smart." And I have to agree with her husband, she is indeed very smart.

Another friend said, "My husband loves that I'm so into my career. He loves that I'm knowledgeable and is always proud to introduce me to people for that matter. He says I'm his celebrity! "

I never got to tell them what Gerson loves about me, but he loves that I'm a happy person. He often tells me that there's nothing like working a 14hr shift and coming home to a wife that's smiling and happy to see him. And I have to say that I'm always VERY happy to see him!

What I enjoyed from these women was that they knew exactly what they were good at and it was apparent that their husbands did too.

Men love a confident woman (and vice versa). Not conceited, but confident. A woman who knows her qualities. Many women (and men) struggle with acknowledging their talents and gifts. Many do not even know how to simply take a compliment. Whether you're in a relationship or single,that can be a huge turn off. There is something about confidence that shines in a person.

As a teenager I did not love myself. I didn't even know what I was good at. The day I made the choice to love myself and to discover the purpose God had for me on this planet, I realized that I had many qualities. I learned that when someone complimented me it was okay to accept and reply with a thank you.

Now that I'm married, I know and see that Gerson absolutely loves when I know exactly what I'm good at. He loves my confidence! I may not be the best cook, but I make amazing sandwiches. I work great with people,especially teenagers. I have a heart for families who are trying to excel and break the vicious cycle. I love to communicate in different forms, by my writing, speaking, PR etc and know that I do a great job at it! I love my eyes and Gerson loves them too. I may not be size 0 but I've learned to embrace my curves and work at being healthy not skinny.

What are your qualities? What do you love about yourself? What does your husband or wife love about you?

Know what you're good at and even what you're not good at. If you don't know, begin to discover them. Make it a goal to KNOW YOUR QUALITIES! And be proud of them! There's only one YOU on this planet and those qualities (and defects) make YOU unique. Love yourself and allow not only your partner to acknowledge your talents, but others too.