Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Bikini vs The Granny Panty

I was at Target the other day.

I was browsing in the sleepwear/intimate section and saw a young couple near the panties section. From what I heard and saw, I made my assumptions. I believe they were married cause they both had rings and they seemed like a very ordinary, slender, couple in their late 20's or early 30's.

The woman was trying to decide on what underwear to buy. She was looking at the packaged ones, that usually come around 6 in one pack. She would pick a pack, look at it and put it back. The man was just leaning on the shopping cart, looking as well, but not touching any of the panty packages.

Finally, the guy picks a pack and tells his wife "I think these would be good for you." I quickly looked at the ones he had chosen, and it was the bikini type. He hands it to her. She grabs it. Looks at it, front and back. Thinks about it. And then says "No, I'll take these." And by these she meant the big granny panties. She put them in her cart and they strolled away.

I have no idea why, but this scenario got me thinking. Women obviously know what they like to wear and what's most comfortable for them. Everyone wears different intimates. I don't think there's a right or wrong underwear to wear in a relationship.

However, it did make me ask myself, "Do I consider what my husband likes me to wear?" The majority of the men know very little about fashion. But most of them are good at knowing what they like on a woman, especially on their woman.

From intimates, to heels, to earrings, to dresses, but you know what your husband likes, right? If you don't, ask, and consider it. (Have you noticed that I'm big on communication?)

Basically, my thought is, that I know Gerson will love me regardless of what I do and don't wear, but why not make him happy with the small things and wear something that he finds me sexy or beautiful in?

I realize everyone thinks different, and I would love to know your opinion on it. :)