Monday, January 10, 2011

The Understanding Wife.

Today Gerson's vacation is over and he goes back to full-time rotations.

This whole weekend I was so attached to him because I knew Monday would come. I often say that I hate being the understanding wife. Every wife has different cases, but being the understanding wife to me means that I have to understand that Gerson will rarely be home. I have to understand that when he is home he's catching up on sleep. I have to understand that dinner means one plate for me and another stored in the microwave, oven, or fridge. I have to understand that sleeping alone is part of this goal. I have to understand that IChats are part of our marriage. I have to understand that our quality time is worth more than gold.

He began his surgery rotation today and it will go on for 90 days. This is the one he's been waiting for because he's striving to be a surgeon and wants to give more of his time if he has to. Therefore, more than ever do I have to be the understanding wife.

I shared this topic with you for 2 reasons. First, so you could remember us in your prayers. Being an understanding wife is not always easy and although Gerson is not as needy (as me), he could also use your prayers. This rotation will be challenging, but he's determined to be the best.

Second reason for sharing, is to remind you that in life we come across difficult tasks,including in our relationships. I may hate being the understanding wife, but remembering my blessings in the midst of all of it is what keeps us going. There's a focal point and a finish line.

Remember to count your blessings and see the good in your complexity. As Gerson often tells me, there is a bright side to everything.