Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Random Thought!

Many people have a hard time defining LOVE. Some think it's an emotion. It's a person. It's a feeling. It's butterflies in your stomach. It's a song. It's romance. It's intimacy. And the list goes on.

I believe love is a choice. I've chosen to love. And this choice (love) then can produce sparks, butterflies, romance, feelings, emotions etc.

Love can be one of the most beautiful yet difficult choices you make.

Through thick and thin... for richer or poorer... til death do us part ♥

If you haven't already, check out this video.


analaura said...

That was beautiful, started crying. Thx Adri.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thank you so much for sharing this video Adri! I'm gonna have to start watching A.I. or is it over? did he win? I hope so!;)love ya! Liza Tinetti

Adri said...

Liza, I think it's from this seasons A.I. I really don't know cause I don't watch the show, but found it on YouTube and thought I should share it