Sunday, January 16, 2011

Living the Dream!

This weekend my college roomy called me.

We've stayed in touch ever since we graduated. Even when I lived in Brazil and she in Italy, we would make sure to call each other to catch up.

This phone call was the first one for the year. We usually call each other after the holidays to talk about everything we did.

She happened to go to Costa Rica with her family and her holidays sounded absolutely fun with all the zip-lining, water rafting, rainforest tours, and beach-ing they did. So when it was my turn to share, I told her about Christmas in Houston, and then about New Years in Chicago.

I sort of thought that my long-weekend in Chicago could not compare to her exotic 11 day Central American adventure, but even so, I began to tell her about it. I told her that for New Years Eve Gerson and I walked from our hotel to the Navy Pier to watch the 8pm fireworks. We then took a taxi to a restaurant where Gerson had made reservations. It included a buffet, live band, party favors, and champagne at midnight. After midnight, we took a taxi who left us at a 7-Eleven near our hotel (cause traffic was horrible). So we went in, bought some chocolate and a bottle of champagne and took it back to our hotel. I giggled when I told her "It was just me & Gerson, but we had fun." If you think about it, it does sound silly to go party on NYE and not know anyone (at the party). Sometimes it's more fun when you're with friends and family.

However, talking to Erika, my roomy,reminded me of the way I felt in Chicago. I was overjoyed and so grateful. My heart was full of gratitude (to God), that I really don't think any words could fully express it. When I'm doing things with Gerson,such as partying in Chicago or even just relaxing on a Friday night with pizza and movie, I can't help but remember when I was young and single.

When I was single, I would dream of the crazy, romantic, normal, and exciting stuff I would love to do with my husband someday... To go out, just him and I, travel the world, experience new things, and build memories together.

I was living a dream this past New Years Eve. It might not have been Costa Rica, but it was perfect.

Do you ever dream of doing certain things with your future spouse? Or if you are married, do you remember dreaming about married life when you were single?

Even in our relationships we dream. And everyone has completely different dreams. The important part is to begin fulfilling those dreams together.

We tend to forget those dreams and make our lives (marriage) part of a routine. And let me tell you something, eventually, routines get boring!

If you have any crazy,fun ideas, introduce them to your spouse. It doesn't have to be a trip, it can be anything. I use to dream of cooking with my husband, so occasionally we pick a complicated recipe and try and make it together.

Have you thought about where your relationship is going this year? Have you only planned big goals? How about also thinking of some small, creative ideas for this year? Get out of your routine and do something different. Dream and fulfill those dreams together!