Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mingle w/ the Single!

I recently told a friend, that if I were currently single, at 27, and wanted to be in a relationship, I would definitely and often be going out on dates. Not in a slutty or hootchie way, but I would want to meet the different guys that are out there.

I think sometimes we know exactly what we want and are not willing to settle for less. To a point, I support that mentality. However, when I met Gerson, he was not what I thought I wanted in a guy. He was at seminary school, a valet parker, driving an old Nissan Sentra, with very little in his bank account.

When I got to know him, I realized I liked many things about him. Besides all the chemistry, what I loved about him was his drive and passion for life. I had always been pretty ambitious, but to meet a guy that had bigger dreams than mine was very attractive to me.

If I would have stuck with my type, I can guarantee you that I would have never gotten to know all that I love about Gerson. I'm so glad that I answered his phone calls. And even more glad that I actually went out with him (as friends first). I was only 20 years old and did it for the pure purpose of wanting to get out of my dorm. I didn't have a car and was desperate to go out! But I'm glad I did because I got to know him. I remember after months of being friends, I looked at him and thought to myself, "He's actually not that bad, he's kind of cute." Seven years later, I think he's the sexiest man walking Earth!

(I also accepted going out with this other guy, and did it for that same reason of just getting out of my dorm, and had the most horrible time, so of course I never went out with him again.)

I encourage you to get out of your box, your usual groups/gatherings, your type, your comfort zone, and mingle with the single! I'm not supporting making out, sleeping around, and getting a bad reputation (or a STD) for yourself. Simply consider that the person who is pursuing you may have great qualities that you will not know unless you accept a date (or two!).