Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Step... Another Milestone

I celebrated a birthday 2 days ago. 28 years of life to be exact!

I'm very excited for this new year cause Gerson and I have a lot of changes coming up.

In life, we come to a point when we're ready for change. Whether it's in your career or job, also in your physical or health; often in your finances. But something begins to bug us for that next step. I believe it's just the way God created us.

Gerson and I dated for a couple of years before getting engaged. But I remember the year he proposed, we were both ready for that next step. My close friends can back me up on this, I would always say I wanted to get married in my late twenties or early thirties.

But I didn't wait that long because after those two years of dating, we both knew we were ready for a change. I needed it in my relationship with Gerson.

In a relationship, those "next steps" exist too. Sometimes, there are harder because it's two of you making a decision to stay where you are or initiate the next milestone. However, when you both come to an agreement it's exciting!

All this to say, that Gerson and I are ready for the next step... THE BABY STEP! No, I am not pregnant, but we want to begin planning, preparing, and try to have a baby.

We will be celebrating 5 years of marriage this November and have had a hell of a ride! I always wanted to enjoy my marriage so I have no regrets of waiting this many years.

We have been told that we're getting old, and although that may be true, I don't think we're too old to have babies. (My personal opinion)

We've been told that we are selfish. And yes, I accept that. We were being selfish. We wanted to enjoy our marriage and each other first. And we have.

We wanted to travel without children first. In 5 years we went to Playa del Carmen-Mexico, Vail-Colorado, Paris-France, London-England, Brugge-Belgium, Zurich-Switzerland, Rome & Venice-Italy, Chicago-Illinois, New York, Tx Hill Country, Cartagena-Colombia, Dubrovnik, Split, & Hvar Island-Croatia, Las Cruces-New Mexico and hopefully a few more places this year. (WE LOVE TO TRAVEL!)

Many of the plans we made, before having children, we've been able to accomplish. And honestly, it's a great feeling!

Now, I'm excited for this new milestone in our lives. Although, just like marriage or any new change, you're never fully ready or prepared, but somehow you know it's time.

We also know that it may take longer than expected and we're simply trusting God. We have peace about it all.

And as my close friend said after having her baby "Parents say your life will change after having a baby and you think you know, but you really have NO idea!" ;) .... I'm EXCITED!


Gerson said...

That's right baby, we are having the hell of a ride! I love u! Gerson

Susie Gonzalez said...

I am loving this next step thing, and I know you guys will be GREAT parents. I will be praying for you and that God's perfect timing be there for this next step to take place. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!