Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marriage is HARD work!

Surprisingly, the other day I made a delicious, spicy, salsa!

I text Gerson super excited about my salsa and asked him to stop at HEB for tortilla chips and milk. We always have those two ingredients and had run out.

When Gerson got home w/ the chips and milk, two things we always have in our pantry and fridge, I realized they looked a bit different from the ones I usually buy.

Can you see the difference? I always buy Mission Tortilla Triangle Chips. When I say always, it's always! Those are my favorite. Now, the soy milk, we usually buy whichever is on sale, but always buy LIGHT (for me).

Gerson saw the Tia Rosa's brown bag and thought "Yup those are the ones we buy!" And I know he bought the Silk's Omega-3 soy milk because Gerson cares more about getting enough vitamins through out the day than drinking less calories.

This is how different we are. With even the slightest and smallest things, we are different. I'm detailed in some areas such as brands and he's detailed in health/nutrition areas.

After almost 5 years of marriage, I can tell you that the single life was much easier than the married one. I love my husband with all I am. I have absolutely no regrets of the commitment I've made with him. However, in my opinion, marriage has required a lot of hard work. I've told you about my difficult days of being
the understanding wife, we don't always agree on everything, and his career has demanded me to accept instability in our lives. There's been different stages in the 5 years that have made our marriage challenging. I hope I'm not sounding pessimistic, but I'm being honest. We are two different people that love each other more than other human being on this planet, but simply can't always agree on everything.

Our differences are the beauty of marriage. It's what makes Gerson and I a marriage. It's not perfect, it's not always pretty, but it's our commitment that keeps us together. The love and respect we have for each other has allowed us to continue growing, continue sparkling, continue moving. And all the good has outweighed the "bad" completely!

So for all my single friends, ENJOY IT! Enjoy this stage of your life. Enjoy the present. Don't dwell on being single. ENJOY IT! Love will come your way, if it's something you're desiring, I believe it will.

And for all my married peep, I feel you on your challenging days! But remember that your hard work in marriage is not in vain. Your effort is an investment of many more happy years with the love of your life. It's a big savings account of love! Always be prepared to work at it, find a solution, fight for your spouse if you have to, conquer her back if you have to, enjoy the vacations, the laughter, the joy that marriage brings. It's worth it!