Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Random Thought!

Sorry I haven't written much, but I do have many notes written that I have pending to share with you. Hopefully I can get to them soon.

Funniest thing happen to me yesterday. Out of the blue, in a matter of hours, I started to feel extremely sick. It began with aches all over my body. Thinking it was something minor, I called different spas to look for a masseuse that could see me that night. (Which I had no luck)

Shortly after, I began to shiver with chills and then became very nauseous. So I texted Gerson to tell him I wasn't feeling well. Immediately, he texted that he would come home to bring me some medicine and soup. I thought it was sweet because he was at the library studying for an exam.

He then calls to tell me that his Jeep would not turn on. And he had tried to find help but it seemed I was going to have to drive to his school to help him. Because I had chills I wore my parka coat, and with all that I could I drove myself to the library. It was one of the hardest things to do.

To enter his school you first have to go through security. My eyeliner was all smeared plus I was wearing a huge parka in 70 degree weather. I swear the security thought I was some pyscho ready to do something crazy! But I took a deep breath and explained my reason to attempting to enter the school.

Gerson, quickly used my car to give his a jump-start. It worked and we drove to the closest CVS by our apt. I waited in the car (and he left his on) while he ran to the store to buy me some meds.

We got home, he took my temperature to find that I did have fever. I took the thermaflu, got into bed by 7:30pm and crashed out! Through out the night, he checked on me to make sure I was getting better.

Although it was difficult to rescue Gerson, I did my best to get there. And he took immediate action to help me feel better. I loved that we both took action to attend and help each other.

It's not always easy to fully help your partner when you're under a lot of pressure or when you're feeling super sick. But I've got to say, Gerson and I did some great team work last night! :)



geo said...

awww chiquita! Pues qué bueno que sacaste fuerzas de donde no tenías. Espero que ya te sientas mucho mejor. Te quiero mucho Adrianita!

Adri said...

I feel much better Geo! Yo tambien te quiero mucho. Nos hablamos pronto!