Friday, March 18, 2011


My random thought for this busy Friday is simply a big kudos to my husband.

Throughout 3rd year rotations, the medical students are evaluated or graded at the end of the rotation by the doctor. So performance is big for all of them. And although they do have a final exam for each rotation, their evaluation counts as a pretty big percentage for their final grade.

So Gerson shared with me this week that his grade for his General Surgery rotation, given by the doctor is a PERFECT 100!

Then Gerson's teammates asked him how he did, and thinking that the doctor had been lenient and had given everyone a 100, he shared his grade, and found out that absolutely nobody got a perfect score (not even close!). Plus, the doctor wrote great stuff about Gerson on the evaluation and didn't even bother to make any comments on anybody else's.

These are great news! I'm so very proud of my boo!