Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Might Just Need A Hand...

A friend told me an incredible story this past week.

Her husband is a pastor and travels on a weekly basis. He was boarding the plane to get to his destination. He sat a row away from an older American couple.

Entering the plane came a tall African American man. He was dressed very casual, with a hoody, jeans, and headphones. His seat was numbered right next to the older couple. As he got comfortable, my friend's husband realized that the couple did not look too happy having this man sit next to them.

Then he hears the older man ask the African American if he mind moving to the back of the plane because they were expecting someone and preferred to have him sit next to them. The African American replied "Sure." And walked to the back of the plane.

The plane takes off and the pastor realized that the older couple had nobody sitting next to them. They had lied. Besides, he said that it was very obvious the older couple did not want the African American sitting next to them.

During the flight, the pastor notices that the older man begins to have a heart attack. The flight attendant asks over the intercom if anybody on the flight is a doctor.

Can you guess who rushed down the aisle to save the man??

You've guessed right! The African American is a physician and literally saved the man's life.

I didn't write this to bash on the old couple. None of us really know the reason why they didn't want the man sitting next to them. All I want to convey is that we love one another. That we don't judge easily or think we're better than somebody because of the color of our skin or cause of the things we possess. One day you might just need a hand from the person you least expect.