Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Before I left to Houston this past weekend, Gerson asked me to return early on Sunday.

Since it was his day off, he wanted to spend time with me before another hectic week began. He started 4th year and is in a surgery rotation once again, which means sucky hours once again.

Well, I told him that I couldn't be back too early cause I planned to brunch with my parents, but I would head back Sunday late afternoon. He said that would be fine and we left it at that.

Sunday finally came, and I not only got to see my parents, but also my wonderful sister and brother-in-law, plus two of my favorite people in the world, Elisha (6 yr old nephew) and Cat (4 yr old niece). Elisha, who now knows and understands months, weeks, days, and time, wanted to know exactly when I would be leaving. When I told him, he asked me if I would please spend the night at his house. He suggested that I wake up early the next day to head back to SA (which I have done before).

Soon after came Cat to not only ask but beg me to spend the night. Then they both told me about all the fun things we could do together. Elisha said we would watch a movie and play CandyLand. Cat said I could play with her dollhouse and all her Barbies. Are these kids cute or what?

Well, my heart wanted to stay. I hadn't seen them since May and they're big round eyes waiting for my response broke my heart. But all I kept on thinking about was Gerson wanting me back on Sunday, NOT Monday.

Gerson is a really cool husband. He would have understood. He wouldn't have been mad at all. But as his wife, I never want to abuse of his kindness. I love knowing that my husband is aware of his schedule and WANTS to spend time with me.

Honestly, being a submissive wife is not always easy. I've been guilty of rebelling, but I believe submitting can be rewarding in a marriage. It shows respect, which to many men respect and love are basically synonymous. And it's also Biblical.

Overall, I was trying to be a submissive wife. I am blessed with a good man and I don't ever want to take advantage of that. Nor do I want him to think that his words don't matter or that our quality-time together can wait. So I had to say no to Elisha and Cat. And their response was Awwwwwwww! Usually Elisha is the one to express more sadness, but Cat this time was really bummed. Which is why I grabbed my dad's IPAD showed them the calendar and set a date with them when we can all spend the night, including their Tio Gerson, and do everything they said we would.

Can't wait to see these cuties once again!