Friday, February 1, 2013

Enough With the Hiatus!

Hey guys! I've missed writing so much. But with all the transitions that happened in one year, I think I had to take a break. Today however, I looked at my calendar and realized it's February 1st! What better month to break this hiatus than on the month of LOVE. ;) I've been keeping notes of so many love lessons I'm learning in my very own relationship. Having a child can really challenge your marriage. Not that Gerson and I had the perfect relationship (NEVER), but the first months are kind of tricky. There's just a lot of emotions...the wife is hormonal and the husband is, well, horny-onal. It's just different. And although I believe that every relationship deals with it differently, it can be challenging. I'm so glad weeks before having the baby, a good friend of mine told me "your marriage will change just don't freak out... it will go back to normal." So Gerson and I didn't freak out. We knew our lives had change... and it was for good. We took it day by day. We are doing the best we can for us and our baby. We give time to each other, to ourselves, and to our baby. It's important. At the end of the day, it's all good. I'm happy to be back and ready to share with you my lessons of love. ;)