Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Gerson and I had a long distance relationship for the most part when we were dating.

The year we were engaged we were living only 4 hours away from each other. One afternoon I received a usual text saying " I miss you. " and then he added " I feel like having a drink with you. "

That evening as I got off from work, I'm walking to my car and there he was waiting for me. He had driven 4 hours to have a drink with me. I now realize that this man loves to surprise me.

We went to have dinner and he drove back to Dallas. I always cried when he left. We both had this desire to just be together. Married. No more distance cause distance sucks!

If you've been married for several years, do you remember that feeling? Not wanting to go home. Just wanting to be with that person all day and night. Driving miles just to see that person you love even if it was for a couple of hours. Cause to you it was worth it.

Those are the first stages of a relationship and it's beautiful. I like to remember those feelings with Gerson. Relationships change and grow. We now have the privilege of going home and waking up next to each other.

Don't ever take that for granted. There's nothing wrong with remembering even if your relationship is in a different stage. Personally, it's a reminder for me of how blessed we are to have found each other .