Monday, February 18, 2013

My 20's

Chicago 2009

So this week I turn the big 3-0.

I feel young and great but I do realize I'm entering that next level. It's exciting. I also remembered just yesterday that at 20 years old was when Gerson and I became friends. I spent all of my 20's enjoying birthdays with my love.  Therefore,  I've decided this week to share some of my "love story" memories with you.

One of my favorite anniversaries was when Gerson surprised me with a trip to Chicago. It was the night before, I was heading to bed and he said "I wanted to tell you at midnight but since you're going to bed I want to tell you that tomorrow at 6am we are going to Chicago as an anniversary trip!" I couldn't believe it! I thought well I have to call my boss and he had already done that for me. I stayed up til 4am packing. It was so exciting! All week he had told me he had made dinner plans for that weekend but I didn't know they would be in another city. It was so fun and special!

Actually, something I learned from this trip was that it's almost vital to take a weekend getaway with your loved one at least once a year if possible. Not a full vacation where you sight see and stuff. Just a mini getaway where you can go talk, reminisce, eat good food, and make love. No distractions, no worries, just feeling the love you have for one another. The place doesn't even matter. It's sort of like a little honey-moon. And I'm sure you're thinking I can talk, eat food, and make love in my own house, which you can, but there's something about just getting away. Even if it's 30 miles from where you live. It becomes about just the two of you. I recommend it!

Well, that's one of my favorites memories especially since I love surprises!