Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He Completes Me.

A lady once told me that her life began when she got married. Now many of you may find that romantic, but I thought it was sad. It made me wonder if she was just a dull person. I absolutely love being in a relationship. I love marriage. I love monogamy. But I want to believe that I was happy way before I met Gerson. I was complete before him. Gerson did not define nor complete me. Honestly after listening to this lady, I just thought about my life and marriage. Was I wrong for not feeling the same? Did I not love my husband as much as she loves hers?

 I came to the conclusion that only God could do such thing. He has given meaning to my life. I love Gerson with my whole heart. Words can not even express how much love I have for him. He's made my life so much richer and beautiful. But my life began when I came to know God. He's given me purpose and love like no other. Thanks to Him I have been able to live an adventurous, blessed life. And because of Him, I am in a healthy marriage.

I know Valentines Day is approaching and we all get drawn to this lovely holiday. Even I do. But if you don't have a date or a boyfriend don't get all sappy and sad. Enjoy it! Go have fun with friends and family. And if you're in a relationship enjoy it as well. Do something sweet and special. We know nobody needs one day to love someone, but it's just for fun. You can love today and tomorrow! 

My advice is simply this, whether you're married or single, don't ever depend on someone to give significance to your life. That is a huge responsibility to give to an imperfect human being who will fail you. Allow God to give meaning, purpose, and definition to your life. He created you. He can complete you.