Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Show a little ♥

Today I walked into the Grind House, a coffeeshop near my apt, with red, teary eyes. I had been crying hysterically.

I sat down and posted on my FB, Adriana Pineda needs to take a breather! I had to. I had just had a nervous breakdown. So I sat down. Googled stuff. Facebooked a bit. And after chatting with some friends, I had a smile back on my face.

Overall, I had been at the coffeeshop for less than an hour, when I realized the lady sitting in front of me was packing up her things to leave. But before heading to the door she began to walk straight towards me. She introduces herself and hands me a card, much like a business card, with her church's name and info on it. She was very kind. It might have been soliciting, but it didn't feel that way. It didn't feel pushy. It felt genuinely kind of her.

I honestly don't know why she approached me. It could have been the Holy Spirit or God 'telling' her. Or it could have been that she noticed I had been crying. Whatever it was, it made me think, "Do I ever stop and invite people to church?"

Many churches want to grow in number, but are they doing their part? Are they showing kindess outside of church?

Well, my hysterical cry was due to the invasion of crickets in San Antonio. Yes, you read correctly. Crickets made me cry. Fortunately, nothing tragic had happened to me.

After work I walked into my apartment to find crickets literally everywhere. On my stove, in the living room, in my closet, in my restroom and I went NUTS! They're huge and fly, and I just couldn't believe that my home had been invaded as well. More than anything, I was upset. It's disgusting and I refuse to live like that! (I'm venting now. hahaha)

Nonetheless, Jackie from Mission Point Church, approached me maybe cause she noticed I had been crying. She didn't pray for me, or even ask if I was ok. She just showed kindness. She reflected Jesus. And if she only knew that my reason to my tears was stupid.

I don't consider myself to be rude to people, but I want to show that kindness to others. Not just in church, but in other places.
Because the bottom line is that no one really is interested in hearing about the love of Jesus until they see it in our lives...right?


lbcantu said...

I believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. The cickets being in your home led you to cry, which then led you to want to take a breather and you ended up in this coffee shop, which then the nice lady saw your tears and show you kindness, which inspire you to write about something so truthful to use as a wake up call for us, the church going christians, that want to see more people coming to our church. People want to see a church that cares, so we need to present the best business cards ever to every one, our lives showing Jesus Love and kidness. I

Adri said...

Mrs. Cantu, hadn't thought about it that way, but couldn't agree with you more! We do need to present the best business cards ever! :)