Monday, July 26, 2010

Detoxing the Fatty Toxins

These past few months, probably since May, Gerson and I became careless with our organic diet. I think it's the summer and heat that motivates us to eat ice cream, pizza, and Margaritas! But Gerson had been complaining that his stomach hurt, almost any time we would eat. I did my research, and many times it happens because of such sudden transition of diets. I'm thinking maybe too much fatty intake??

So I bought a book called Fast Track Detox Diet. It's an 11 day detox that boosts your metabolism, cleanses fattening toxins, and is a jump start to weight loss! It goes into detail about all the foods you will have to eat and why. Some are good for cleansing the liver, or the intestines, and of course the colon (gross I know!). The author even talks about the colon being her favorite organ. hahaha Didn't know people had favorite organs??

I've decided to join Gerson on this detox. It'll make cooking dinner much easier. However, since it does require lots of ingredients I lack in my fridge, we're going to start until next week when it's time to shop for groceries. And it also gives me time to finish the book. But overall I'm excited to do this with my husband! I've NEVER seen him on a diet. He's very much up for the challenge. I like to do it once a year, others do it every six months, but detoxing allows your tummy to feel flatter, your skin to feel smoother, and many times boosts your energy.

We start next week... feel free to join us! :)


geo said...

how about adding a fabulous work-out routine??? It's time for us to start the "project" workout again! shame on us!

Adri said...

Geo, I can't believe we have forgotten about our project! Yes, a fabulous work-out routine sounds FABULOUS! :) Not sure if Dr.Pineda will ever make time to work-out (consistently), but I'm up for it! Do you have time to work on our spreadsheet or do you want me to do it?

geo said...

I'm scared of going back to the gym. It's been too long!

Adri said...

I ran 2 miles this morning and it felt great! But I'm the same way, I get scared knowing that I won't be able to do what I use to... Take it one day at a time. :)