Monday, July 5, 2010

4 Course Meal coming right up!

You're probably thinking I'm going to be a food critic for today and tell you about my dining experience at Mi Cocina. Well I'm not. I mean, I did have a great time. We went to the one at the West Village which has a great ambiance to it, but my food wasn't all that great. I ordered a $10 fruity cocktail which I'm not too fond of, but was convinced by our nice waiter that it was "delicioso!" And even the name of the cocktail was unusual, Dilemma?? Honestly, I would have much rather had a lime with Patron or even cranberry and vodka. Then, after a delicious entree, I'm ready to order my favorite part : dessert, and the nice little waiter tells me that all they have is flan??? Which by the way, is my least favorite Mexican dessert. But anyways, I'm already critiquing, so I'll shut it and tell you what this blog is really about.

I can't do it often, cause it's not healthy nor cheap, but I like to turn my casual or upscale dinner into a 4 course meal. For example, at Mi Cocina we enjoyed our


I realize a cocktail is not really a course, but I drink water with my food, so it's a course to me.

SECOND COURSE : Chips & Salsa
At a Mexican restaurant, if the chips & salsa are good, I won't order an appetizer, cause they're free!

THIRD COURSE : Grilled chicken with mushrooms and poblano pepper


It's definitely a lot of food, which is why Gerson and I usually share. Several times, the waiter has complimented our way of dining and say that we have eaten a good course meal with decent portions. It truly is one of my favorite ways to dine. It's refreshing, satisfying to my palate, and DELICIOSO!


mariapena said...

Inexpensive four-course meals are my favorite!