Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poppin' in D-Town!

I'm not big on soda-pop but if you live in Dallas you must visit The Soda Gallery . They have over 200 types of sodas from all over the world.

We literally took about 20 minutes to make the perfect pick to quench our thirst. They have chairs and tables to sit back, play a board game and have a drink, or you can do as we did and walk The Bishop Arts with drink in hand. It was our first time visiting and we really enjoyed it. It's different from going to your usual Starbucks and ordering your usual frappuccino, which there's nothing wrong with, but sometimes it's good to change it up a bit.

Well, after going through every cooler we finally made our selection. Ari, my sis, made the best choice and bought a Hank's gourmet, black cherry soda from Philadelphia. Gerson, my husband, got a cola with Chinese herbs from China which was just alright, and I made the worst pick ever. Honestly, I chose it cause I thought the bottle was cute (silly I realize), but I picked a non-alcoholic Australian Ginger beer.

So if you live in Dallas and are in the mood for something different or just very thirsty, I definitely recommend the Soda Gallery.


lbcantu said...

I knew that your blog was going to great, and like always I was right.

Adri said...

Thanks Mrs. Cantu! Just be ready to read about everything and anything. Lol

ari said...

my soda was the best! what was it, black cherry or something right?