Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's not a big deal.

When I created this blog last week I really didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I honestly don't even know who all is reading. But I did know that I wanted to feel free, expressive, and vocal.

You know in Hollywood there are many celebrities that are extremely private. Beyonce is a great example. But there are others like Kim Kardashian or even Jessica Simpson who tweet about everything, talk to the press about their boyfriends, and are not afraid to speak. Well, I fall under that category. The chatty one.

All this to say that a couple months ago I began to have really bad back pains. I finally saw a doctor who mentioned that I may have a weak uterus. My mom's exact reaction was "What?! You need a strong uterus to carry my grandchild!!!" Do you sense the severity of this?

Well, I really didn't worry cause I still needed to have some test done. Why worry when you don't know the exact problem, right? After running some test, my doctor called me yesterday to say that I have an ovarian cyst plus fibroid. I asked her to be specific because Gerson tends to ask a million questions after my doctor visits. And she said "Fibroid are tumors that are benign"

If there's a word I hate is tumor. However, I remained calm cause I sensed she was calm. She actually said that it's known to be a tumor but that I had nothing to worry about.
When Gerson got home, I had literally forgotten about my phone call. It wasn't till later that night that I said :

"By the way, the doctor called and said I have an ovarian cyst"

Gerson : Oh, ok (very casual)

Me : And fibroid

Gerson : Ok (more casual)

Me : Which are tumors

Gerson : Yes, but they're benign

I like to call Gerson a cold blooded doctor cause he never really makes a big deal with certain medical situations. Maybe it's because he's in medical school, or because he worked at a hospital for several years, but it's kind of rare.

But I think sometimes we need to see problems like Gerson see's fibroid... not a big deal.

God has everything under control. And I'm a strong believer that if I do my part, God will take care of His. (The key is doing your part)
So if you find yourself stressing over a little fibroid, understand that it's treatable. Solution-able. Benign. And really NOT A BIG DEAL!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved this blog!! I can just see you and Gerson's conversation about the whole thing. :)

We serve and amazing God that keeps his promises and his word. So why worry? His plans are perfect!! Do our part and stand on his word. Thanks for was uplifting. Love ya chica!


Anonymous said...

good point Adri :) thanks for sharing Ms. Chatty... btw it made me laugh that you deleted a comment from your sis.. buh! LOL... do what u gotta do-it's your blog! hahaha


mariapena said...

Adri, you are too funny and definitely expressive!! You quoted me it!! Nevertheless, I believe your uterus is as strong as a rock and can/will carry more than the six grandchildren you and Gerson will give us. I also believe in miracles and know that God performs them 24/7. There is NOTHING impossible for HIM!! Therefore, I declare your uterus strong and free of any cyst, fibroid or any other obstructions in the name of JESUS!!
I also thank God for Gerson's knowledge and trust that he knows more than we do..hahaha!

I actually know of many women with similar or related problems whom are being treated with birth control medication..which should give us an idea of how treatable these "cositas" are being handled.

Thank God for HIS love, power, faithfulness and definitely our husbands :)

geo said...

Adri! How come I didn't know about this blog??? I love it! You're going to have so much fun with it. It's perfect! And yes, I agree with everything Mrs. Pena said. Screw the cysts! You're God's precious daughter and everything will be fine when the time comes for you and Gerson to have babes.

patty said...

oh adri esta super padre tu blog felicidades gracias por dejarnos conocerte mas y compartirnos de tu vida. jesucristo pago un alto precio por tu sanidad!!! Eres una mujer sana, saludable, llena y completa.

Adri said...

Thank you girls! I'm not worried. I know I'm healed of these minor things.
God is on my side!
And I'm also grateful for my husband who I feel sets the tone in our home. So maybe if he would have freaked I would have worried, but He knows that it's not a big deal and that everything's in God's hands.

lifeline_21 said...

adri this was funny, although i understood nothing of these medical terms.. but ive been having back problems to that i should go check but im so bad at having doctor check ups but after this maybe i should really go have one... hehe..

But i agree with your ending... weither severe or minor you should never stress over it, but be enlighted of the fact that you have a God that has things under control. And it is true the key is doing your part. A fact we oversee sometimes.. thanks for your blog! keep writing doll!

Adri said...

Griselda, I'm glad you found my post humorous! jaja
But if your back has been hurting, maybe you should see a doctor, or at least a chiropractor. Thanks for checking out my blog! :)