Friday, July 30, 2010

Listen and Learn

Something I love is knowing and/or meeting inspirational and positive people. This week, which I may add, was one with too many ups and downs, my uncle came to stay with us for some days. Gershom (his name is very similar to my husbands so don't confuse yourself) is a person you would enjoy meeting. He has a kind heart and zealous about life. We have that in common. We’re all about trying new experiences, traveling, and embracing cultures.

Well, we talked a whole lot about absolutely everything! But there are two things that stuck with me.

One night while dining at Salt Grass, we were talking about babies and marriage. My uncle has a beautiful wife with two really great kids. He told me that several years ago, they were leading a course on marriage at a church. As they led this class they came across a couple that had been married for many years. This couple had two sons who had just gone off to college. After raising their children, and LIVING for their children, they realized that they had been so careless with their marriage, that they no longer knew each other. They did not know what they liked or what they didn’t like about each other because they focused all those years into doing everything and anything to raise their children well. Gershom told me that he knows for a fact God allowed them to meet this couple to learn from them. He advised us that when we do decide to have kids, to always put your spouse first, before the children. Because when mommy and daddy are happy, so are the kids. It actually reminded me of when my dad would tell us (in Spanish of course) that he would always take care of my mom first, before us, because he knew that one day we would leave him and didn’t want to grow old being bitter and bored with my mom. It’s very true because if you know my parents, you automatically see the love they have for each other. And I never felt that I lacked love from them. But now that my sisters and I are married, my parents are having the time of their lives! And it’s because through raising us, they took care of their marriage and relationship. That’s something I hope to practice when Gerson and I have children. I want to remember that as much as I love and adore my babies, I need to take care of my husband too.

The second thing that stuck with me was inspirational. While we began to talk about the different trips we’ve taken, because both Gershom and I have traveled a bit, he told me about his first trip to Europe (Which I believe was more than 20 yrs ago). He said he was in Paris, standing inside of the Notre Dame Cathedral and listening to a choir sing when he thought to himself “Wouldn’t it be awesome to sing one day in a choir at this very location?” FYI, Gershom is a music guru, who conducts, composes, sings, etc. Well, a couple years ago when he was the music director of a church in Houston, he decided to research about getting the choir to sing at the Nortre Dame Cathedral. He mailed them a demo and a few weeks later received an invitation from them. They told him that usually there’s a 2 year waiting list, but one choir had backed out and they wanted his choir to replace them!! This story has “DREAM COME TRUE” written all over it! It was an unforgettable experience for him that he tells it with so much enthusiasm. Dreams do come true! It motivated me to continue pursuing those goals that seem impossible. We can’t ever give up. With God all things are possible! If you keep walking toward those dreams and knocking on those doors, one day, it will happen, your dream will come true!

Well, the weekend is here and I can’t even tell you all I’ve been reminded and taught this week. Each day is a new day, with new mercies, and new opportunities.

Notre Dame Cathedral
This photo was taken in 2007 when Gerson and I visit Paris for the first time.


Crystal said...

wow, great post:) Back when we first got married, I felt like I was doing wrong at times to love & want to keep my hubby happy before the kiddos so I started putting my kids first, even before my marriage...but I never saw it in this point of view. It makes perfect sense...