Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm sure you have heard of Julia Roberts' new movie, EAT PRAY LOVE. Yes, I watched it this weekend with my sisters and mom thinking it would be the best chick-flick for a girls night out. But I would not recommend it. I'm no movie critic, so don't take my opinion too serious, but all four us became a tad bored after a while. Or maybe we were too silly that night for such a passive, somewhat melancholic storyline.

Well, although we didn't like the movie I felt that the title of the movie best described my weekend in Houston.

I enjoyed such great treats this weekend. I arrived to Houston early on Friday, met my sister, Ari, at the Galleria to shop. Since we were at Nordstroms, she insisted we buy a drink at their Ebar. She ordered a Mexican iced mocha and I a Mexican iced cocoa. It was yummy with enough calories and caffeine for the day. That night I met many of my girlfriends at La Madeline, and one of my friends bought a chocolate cake and cheesecake for everyone, so of course I had a slice!
The next day, I really wanted to take Gerson to Star Pizza. If you live in Houston, you better know what I'm talking about and if you plan on visiting H-town, you better stop for a slice, because it is the best pizza in Texas! I hate that I didn't take my camera this weekend, you would have been drooling over a simple picture. We ordered a chicken alfredo NY style pizza, and a salsa verde chicago style pizza. It was OMG so amazingly good!
After eating pizza, we stopped for another type of pie ... the sweet kind. I had always told Gerson about the Flying Saucer. It's the best pie shop in Houston. During Thanksgiving and Christmas the lines are so long, out the door and across the street. They even have cops guiding the parking and traffic, cause everybody wants the best pie for the holidays! But since we were all stuffed from pizza we took a coconut cream pie home to eat later. I was so excited! It had been YEARS since I had eaten a pie from Flying Saucer. My mom would laugh at me cause I would take a bite and say "I am so happy right now!" The pie was incredible!
Well, we finished this weekends food crawl with our usual pit stop to Risaralda Bakery. It's a Colombian bakery that's literally 5 minutes from my parents home. We actually have to drive by it in order to get I10, the highway we take to go back to San Antonio, which is why I refer to it as our pit stop. Gerson loves the empanadas or papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes) but I go strictly for their avena fria (cold oatmeal). It's a Colombian drink that's made out of oatmeal and it is so good!! I definitely splurged and spoiled myself this weekend.

PRAY: Although we didn't go to church and literally prayed, we did spend a weekend praying for one specific thing ... air conditioning. All of us spent the night at Analaura's house (She's my older sister). It was a big slumber party with my parents, two sisters, niece and nephew, brother-in-law, hubby and me all in one house. But her a/c stopped working on Saturday. It just kept on getting warmer and warmer. We would move from room to room thinking that if we all sat in one room our body heat would make us hot. Completely mental, I know! And although we could have left the house to somewhere fresh, we were so lazy and just wanted to bum around. We kept hoping and praying that someone would come fix it ASAP. And the prayers worked cause around 8pm a friend of the family finally came to check it out!

Well, it's obvious that my family and I can't get enough of each other. We all love each other very much and enjoy the time we get together. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. ♥