Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Step up your game

I had a wonderful anniversary. It was only the weekend, but we got to spend much needed quality time together.

I think I enjoyed the resting and relaxing too much because Monday was a dreadful one. I didn't feel like going to work. So I thought, maybe if I go to bed early, I will feel much better.Unfortunately, that did not help either! Sometimes sleeping too much does not help our bodies.

Well,while I was driving to work, I remembered something my mom would tell my sisters and I. She often told us "Remember that wherever you go, you are always replaceable."

What she meant was that we should never get too comfortable or too cocky at our game (whether it's your school, team, workplace, etc), because someone with more eagerness or more willingness can come and replace us.

That reminder was my energy pill for the day. It changed my attitude and pumped me with adrenaline to start and finish the work I need to do.

We should constantly be aware of that and work with excellence, walk the extra mile, give all we can, and step up our game! Someone is always ready to prove that they can do it better than we can.