Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dressing up your veggies!

So I have high cholesterol.

I know it sucks! It's probably from all the ice cream I love to eat. But since I don't want to be on medication, I just make sure I watch what I eat. I'm really hoping it lowers the next time I go to the doctor.

I do however love eating salads and vegetables. If I don't have a vegetable for lunch and/or dinner, I feel like my meal was incomplete. I especially love creamy dressings on my salads. The bad thing is that all those creamy caesars, ranches, and blue cheeses are filled with calories, fat, and CHOLESTEROL!

But here are some that will make your veggies tasty:

Brianna's Chipotle Cheddar is delicious! You can prepare a healthy, southwest salad with this dressing. It actually has zero cholesterol, and fewer calories compared to other dressings.

Cardini's Caesar dressing is actually the original caesar dressing. His name was Cesar Cardini, and I believe they named Cesar Salads after him. Well, if you've ever been to Chick-fi-la and have tasted their cesar dressing, it's Cardini brand, and it's creamy-licous! But it's EXTREMELY unhealthy. Bummer I know... Until I tasted Cardini's Light Caesar Vinagrette. It's just as good with only 60 calores, 5g of fat, and zero cholesterol per 2 tablespoons.

Marie's Yogurt Ranch dressing is the best ranch dressing with low calories that I have tasted. I've gone through several bottles of different healthier choices to substitute a fatty, caloric, ranch and none were good enough until I tasted Marie's . Since it's made with lowfat yogurt, it has fewer calories and fat.

So if you're a salad lover, I highly recommend you to try these. Actually, try several of Brianna's dressings. You can make all sorts of flavorful salads and veggie sides with them.

Do you have any favorite dressings you can recommend???