Friday, October 29, 2010

Think Before Judging

Last week, I spent 4 days in Washington D.C..

I had to attend a conference and do some training. During one of my workshops titled "Supporting and Working with Latino Families" we had to write down our favorite "dicho". Incase you're reading this and do not speak Spanish, a "dicho" is defined as a "saying"

The dicho that our instructor told us was "Nadie sabe lo que pesa su barril, solo el que lo está cargando". Which translates to, Nobody knows how much their barrel weighs, only the person carrying it.

This saying is so true. I think most of us have the tendency to judge others for not doing things the way we do them. We've all been there when we've judged a friend or even a stranger.

Not too long ago I got into an argument with my sister. I basically told her how she should raise her daughter. And OBVIOUSLY she did not like that, so it lead to an argument. What I do remember is that she told me " When you have your kids, you can come tell me stuff, for now don't tell me how to raise mine!" She was mad!

Although we apologized and forgave each other, I often remember that. Why in the heck would I even think about telling her how to raise her kids?! How can I give somebody parenting advice when I'm not even a parent.
I admit, that was very stupid and I regret it.

I know it's human nature to judge, and think that our ways are better. Or sometimes we think we are better because we have more things or a "better life". But that's an erroneous and childish mentality. If someone is going through something, we should be a friend and help, pray, and bless them by simply listening or getting the specific resources they need. Not judge them. We have no idea how heavy their barrel is. They may be carrying a load that we've never carried.

Like I said before, it's natural, everyone has judged at least once and some do it more than others. But I have found this dicho helpful. Before thinking about judging, think about how you can help... And think about it. If everybody was like you and did everything like you, this planet would be boring... and quite honestly it would suck!


analaura said...

Yes I was VERYYYYY MAD!!!!!!!!,but we got over it. Very true what you wrote on. I still love you though.:)