Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Parents

This past week I kept on asking myself one question, "What did my parents do to raise my sisters and I so well?"

My sisters and I are not perfect nor always have it together, but we all have our careers, we are happily married to great men, we have hobbies that we enjoy doing, and we go to church and know that without God we're nothing. And although we did go through stages where we thought our parents were "uncool" and would get upset if they would ground us, my parents honestly did an excellent job raising us.

Last week, for different situations and reasons, I kept asking myself that question. I had a couple of friends telling me about the difficulties of raising teenagers nowadays. Then Gerson and I talked about when we should plan to have a baby and the ginormous responsibility that comes with one. So I just couldn't help but ask myself, what exactly did my parents do?!

Well, I know that when the time comes, I will definitely be going to them for major parenting advice. But for now I will remember the small things they taught me.

On Friday we rented Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It was my favorite movie when I was a child. After watching the movie, I was full of childhood memories.
I remembered one year on Thanksgiving day, after having dinner my parents took us to the movies. We watched Home Alone and loved it! When I was a kid, we wouldn't go to the movies often, so it was a big deal. Then my dad suggested we'd watch another one, and we were very excited. I remember thinking "let's just walk into another movie" but my dad told us that we always had to be honest people and pay for the movie, regardless if anybody was watching us or not. So we all walked outside again to pay and went back inside.

I realized that my parents have always tried to be the best example for us. They're not perfect, but they knew that if anybody was watching it was their 3 daughters. Maybe I'll never really know exactly what they did to raise us well and maybe they can't even answer that question themselves... I'll have to ask them. But I am fortunate and blessed to have them in my life. Til this day they have a beautiful marriage, they're amazing grandparents who spoil my niece and nephew to pieces, and still really great parents who always want the best for my sisters and I and even our husbands.

I know they're very proud of the outcome of their daughters. They constantly tell us. But I've got to say, I'm even more proud to call them my parents.


analaura said...

Yes Adri!! They did a GREAT job raising us, and like you said were proud to call them our parents.

mariapena said...

I think we're the proudest parents ever!! I believe the key to raising you all was involving God at all times. Even though it was not an easy task, the moment we decided to make Him the center of our home we knew things were under His control. Many, many times it was VERY tough, but God gave us the wisdom, love, guidance and direction to accomplish such a great mission!!
Love you tons, Mami

Adri said...

I love you tons Mami!! And I agree, that was definitely the key... putting God first in our life and household was the best lesson you taught us.